Artists' Television Access

NYC Loves the West Coast

A collection of New York City films for the West Coast experimental viewing audience.

Monday, May 31, 2004, 8:00 pm, $5

Ny loves the west coast

The Legend of Robert Beck/Sanitarium Cinema              10 min. DV, 2002

                                                Brian Frye, Bradley Eros and Marie Losier

Mutable Fire!         7 min. S8 -> video

Bradley Eros (co-founder of the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema [RBMC] and 2004 Whitney Biennial participant)

Bird, Bath and Beyond         Featuring Mike Kuchar 10 min. (16mm -> video)

Marie Losier (member of the RBMC and participant of the 11th Annual

                New York Underground Film Festival [NYUFF])

All Saints Day 2    6 min. 16mm

                                Joel Schlemowitz and Jon Behrens (Seattle filmmaker)

Fogg       4 min. 16mm

Joel Schlemowitz (member of RBMC and participant of the 11th Annual NYUFF)

Endless Obsession              5 min. 16mm

Glen Fogel (member of the RBMC)

Untitled Space #1 4 min.      16mm -> video

Untitled Space #2 3 min.  16mm -> video

Untitled Space #3 3 min.  16mm -> video

                Lili Chin (participant of the 11th Annual NYUFF)

Intervals and Transformations           3 min. DV

Untitled Flicker      2 min. 16mm

Don’t Blink                             6 min. S8

Huckleberry Lain (west coast born; participant of the 11th Annual NYUFF)

Hate Man               8 min. DV

Joaquin dela Puente III (2nd place winner of the MIX: The New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival’s Gong show)

Unessential Cinema

Student Film Trilogy             8 min. 16mm

(more Films TBA)

Presented by Andy Lampert (the archivist of the Anthology Film Archives)

The Upper Hand   3 min. 16mm

Jennifer Fieber (Santa Cruz born; presenting films with San Francisco filmmaker Steve Polta at San Francisco’s Cinematheque on June 17th)

Light Scratches     7 min. 16mm

Shepherd’s Poem Featuring Huckleberry Lain and Marie Losier 14 min. DV

(one more TBA)

Mike Kuchar (spends his winters in New York and summers in San Francisco)

Video: > 59 min

16mm: > 37 min

S8: > 6 min.

Total: > 100 min.

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