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“EcoParque” & “Bailagua Fronteriza”

by Michael Bedar

Friday, November 14, 2003, 8:00 pm, $5

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On the outskirts of concrete clad Tiajuana lies EcoParque, an experimental
community fueled by composting and bio-filtration systems.  This film
expresses how and why the EcoParque community model works, and would work
in your community.  It also contrasts utility conglomerate propaganda with
the local people’s successful and sustainable energy production.
EcoParque demonstrates how to improve our relationship with nature by
conserving water, maintaining coastal water quality, preventing
desertification and erosion, and improving decentralized infrastructure.
EcoParque grows on you.

“Bailagua Fronteriza”
“Bailagua Fronteriza” is a pun in Spanish, meaning “Dance of the Border
This film explores the power dynamics of environmental policy at the
U.S.-Mexico border, and truly, everywhere. Part documentary and part dance
video, the film introduces border city mayors and council members from
Tijuana, Tecate, San Diego and Imperial Beach, and senior members of
agencies that help decide this region’s future, such as the California
Coastal Conservancy, NOAA, and the natives of Mexico and the U.S.A.  A
dance performance follows that conveys the relationship between these
political representatives and nature itself.

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