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Spectres Of The Spectrum

by Craig Baldwin

Wednesday, October 15, 2003, 7:30 pm, $5

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1999; 16mm; 91:00

Ceasing upon the occasion of the lunching of  Other Cinema Digital , ATA
is proud to present the Last 16 mm screening of Craig Baldwin Masterpiece
Spectres of spectrum before its home DVD release.

Spectres of the Spectrum is a brilliant, over-the-top riff on
telecommunications, science fiction, and the modern world at the turn of
the millennium. Set in the year 2007, this found-footage fairy tale pits a
telepathic father-and-daughter team and a group of media outlaws against a
corporate/governmental “New Electromagnetic Order,” which threatens to use
the earth’s magnetosphere to “bulk erase” the brains of every human on the
planet. Baldwin playfully twists the detritus of industrial films, B-grade
sci-fi, and kinoscopes of old television broadcasts into a high-speed
“activist science-fantasy collage-egory…that mocks America’s
military-industrial miracle, that critiques high-tech robber-barons, and
that opts for the agency of human curiosity and invention.( Chicago

“My filmmaking process is a form of ventriloquism. I use found footage
as a puppet to mount my political arguments in visual terms – what better
weapon to use against mainstream society then the stuff that they consider
obsolete garbage. That for me is perverse revenge.”
Craig Baldwin

Craig Baldwin would be present to discuss SOS and other related topics
both at ATA and the  lunching reception for Other Cinema Digital  at
Amnesia ( 853  Valencia) immediately after the screening.

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