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Friday, May 23, 2003, 7:30 pm, $4

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AN hour of uncensored underground video by local artists, fourth Fridays at ATA.

May 2003 PROGRAM:
…..”Gardening At Night”, an “ambiguous neterotopia” by Norman W. Long.
…..”Geografia del Cuerpo”, emotional spilunking by Arias and Aragon.
…..”Political Interlude”, by Action Point Network.
…..”Decision 80″, a forboding return to the Carter/Reagan election of 1980 by Jim Finn.
…..and mystery guests!

House Rules:
* 20 mins or less
* miniDV/DVcam, VHS, s-video, 16 and 8mm film (byo projector)
* Cued and Labeled DUBS.
* any genre (in progress and excerpts ok)
* Deadline: 7pm shownight OR when 60mins total recieved.
(1-2 week advance submission recommended)
* to: c/o meg/openscreening, ATA, 992 Valencia SF, CA 94109

7pm:  door/drinks/schmoozing
8pm-ish: projector rolls for an hour or so
10pm: take the party outside!


artists, FREE


Contact: meg at [email protected] OR 415.788.0912×3
Future Shows:
June 27th & July 25th (and 4th Fridays monthly @ ATA)

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