Artists' Television Access


Sunday, September 1, 2002, 8:00 pm, $5

Do you ever watch the shadows of leaves dancing on the pavement? Ever feel a cold breath on the back of your neck? Fascinated by the light streaking across your room in the morning?

“Triple A” presents a night of films and performance about shadows,magic ,ghosts and optical illusions.This show will explore the nature and mystery of shadow play. Film is the perfect medium for capturing spirits and shadows, ephemerality unfolding in time,like a smoke ring,once almost solid that dissolves to a mere wisp. the bewitching quality of shadows: to interact with the world intimately in a way that we never could.They are a force that is allowed to mingle with objects,to envelope them. Shadows can also be an illusion,making round what is flat, a sphere from a circle. They lend dimension to vision.”PENUMBRA” will feature work Jeff Warrin of “Silt”(San Francisco), Alexis Bravos (San Francisco),  Robert Schaller (San Francisco) Aaron Cruse (San Francisco), Thomas Comeford (Chicago) and many more surprises.

Look for the window installation at Artists’ Television Access starting September 1/2002.This will be the first incarnation of a month long changing installation in the window and gallery culminating on the September 22/2002 at 8pm with a screening of films.


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