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Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5

Interviews in public capture more than just a discussion of SUV’s. Optimistic in the human power of the bicycle and pertinent in this violent political climate, Widdershins reflects on the connections between the shape of our world and our vehicles. A thoughtful voice-over and three years’ footage are crafted in the organic manner of Ross McElwee’s personalized documentaries. The film brings in to plain sight the insidiousness of SUV’s, and creates a broader vision. It is timely, inquisitive, gently powerful, and honest.        40 minutes.Directed by Benjamin Connelly (in person)

Widdershins  adv. in a direction contrary to the sun’s course, considered as unlucky;

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[Helmet  Optional]
A Documentary   by James Reed        
Music by MalorMac & 3.turn
The perspective of the bike messenger is filled with
hard facts as well as an almost fantastical mythology.
Stories of near death triumphs juxtaposed with tragedy
find a common place among the members of their
occupation.   They look at life as something to be
enjoyed as well as something that one has to work hard
for.  The SF messengers paint the gray hues of the
financial district with colorful streaks as they sail
by, in their bright attire; chattering from time to
time on CB radios in a language that to the untrained
ear is incomprehensible, on a constant mission to make
up for the lost time of a scheduled society.   [Helmet
Optional] is a glimpse into the world of some of these

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