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The Experimental eye on 3rd i

3rd i on going monthly screenings

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $8

Curious about the esoteric and ‘snooty’ world of experimental cinema?

Well, this is your chance to learn a little history, theory and aesthetics of South Asian experimental film. Two local South Asian Filmmakers and scholars present a class on experimental and South Asian experimental film– The Experimental Eye on 3rd i

This 101 3rd i experimental film class will be divided into two 40 min parts. We will have a break, discussion and Q & A:

Ashish Chadha’s, PHD candidate at Stanford, will talk on the conceptual idea of “prayog”- Sanskrit for experiment. It will delineate a history of experimentation in Indian cinema with the works of Dada Saheb Phalke to the Indian New Wave of the 1960s, with a specific impetus on the idea of experimentation in narrative cinema and its links to folk and traditional South Asian art of story telling.

Kirthi Nath, MFA, who teaches at BAVC, will concentrate on how films by and/or about people of color, women and queer people use experimental and hybrid filmmaking strategies to express and document complicated and often untold stories. She will show examples that use “the poetic”, to disrupt traditional signifiers of fact, and explore the personal as a landscape connected to the outside world, to tell subtle and powerful stories.

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