Artists' Television Access

The Animation World of Pu-Teng Chang and Ming-Yu Lin

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, $5

Experimenting with different genre and style, tonight’s program explores various social themes such as:

Balance between nature and technology, pop culture, loneliness and alienation.

Program info, in screening order:

1999, 6 min., sci-fi; stop-motion animation)

This animation is a homage to those great science fiction novelists who inspire us so much during our creation process, such as Aldous Huxley, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, etc. The Brave New World style post-human apocalyptic fable warns us the similar catastrophe we might have to face in the near future because of losing balance between nature and technology.

2001, 8 min., sci-fi; stop-motion animation

A lonely robot whose planet is wiped out by an asteroid and all of the robots die except him. He misses his friends and tries to kill himself to join them. After a couple of suicide attempts, he starts to have dreams and finally see his friends in another paradise.

2002, 5 min., noir; 3D animation; claymation

This highly stylized, cinematic neo-noir 3D computer animation follows a killer robot’s escaping from jail and going to kill another innocent people according to his gang boss’s order. When he aims his gun at the victim, some old and happy memory suddenly flashes back. To kill or not to kill, the robot is tormented by the dilemma..

2000, 11 min., sci-fi; stop-motion animation; collage

This animation is a satire of action and sci-fi genre movies, maniac, drug abuse and pop culture reflecting American society nowadays. A secret agent of Robot Revolution Union, who as disguise works for a successful monopolistic computer company, MacroTech, is assigned by his leader, Data, a “Mission Impossible” to attack the company by the newly invented “Happy Pill”.

2000, 2 min., comedy, 3D animation

An ironic encounter, encouragement and frustration of a gentleman’s admiration toward the great “femme fatale” in art history.

1999, 6 min., narrative; 3D animation

The film is about the deepest fear and trauma a girl could suffer caused by being abuse by family or other close adults since childhood. Through an innocent baby girl”s curiosity puppet girl”s nightmarish images of dream and memory are displayed and reflected on her eyes..

1999, 1 min., comedy, 3D CG animation)

A twisted comic sequel of the haunting “CEREMONY OF FEAR”.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED – Documentary of An Interactive Installation
2001, 9 min., documentary

The documentary is an interesting portrait of “NO STRINGS ATTACHED”, a one-day interactive installation featuring puppetry, kinetic sculpture animation and video projection, created by Ming-Yu Lin at Mission district of San Francisco, May 2001. The fun, wonder, curiosity and body languages of the audience from different ages and colors are authentically documented through the DV cam.


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