Artists' Television Access

sur l’herbe

by Michael Zheng

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am, 0

“sur l’herbe” is a video piece that depicts the perception
of human behavior in technological time.  A group of people
engaged in a prolonged period of enigmatic behavior in the
woods, while being caught by a voyeuristic surveillance.
The nature of the actions and the relations among the
people are at times playful, sexual and mysterious.   It is
presented in a sped up video and audio image, giving the
activity an animal or insect like quality.  The video never
reveals the real event, which at the same time while it
draws frustration from the viewer, it provides an open
framework for interpretation.  The title and framing of the
video reference the painting by Manet, ‘le dejeuner sur

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