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Kenneth Lo: Rice Balla Chronicles

Curated by Dana Hemenway

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Kenneth Lo: Rice Balla Chronicles

Ken explores the life and achievements of one basketball hero nicknamed
“Yellow Fever” (because his game was sick) in a series of farcical biographical
videos. His video addresses how race and gender interact with urban and
pop-culture identities. In a completely un-politically correct way Ken exaggerates social stereotypes to both hilarious and socially poignant ends. At times you unsure if you should let out the laughter, shield your eyes in judgment, or start up a discussion with the person next to you about how we still live in a racist culture.

“Not long ago, the marketing of Michael Jordan –in his ability to “transcend”
color– established the standard for assimilation into the dominant culture. “Crossover appeal” became a euphemism for whitewashing. Basketball culture these days, however, being heavily influenced by the hip-hop atmosphere impermeating it, adopts an incredibly contrary attitude. Ethnicity, and everything else, runs pronounced and uncompromised. In presenting the new embodiments of masculinity, and assimilation, the accessible, confrontational stance, and self-aggrandizement of hip-hop proves seductive. These days, everyone wants to be a baller or a rapper.” – Ken Lo

Components of the exhibition:

Widow Installation Site:
The full length video from the Rice Balla Chronicles will be on display
in the window as well as some large scale poster “promoting” the video.

Excerpts from Rice Balla Chronicles will be available for viewing &
downloading on-line at

Public TV Broadcast:
Excerpts from Rice Balla Chronicles will be aired on SF Public TV Station
29, on January 13 at 10pm.

Reception-night interactive Installation:
On the night of the opening in the main space, Ken will exhibit, an
electronic, orientalized, gigantic basketball hoop for audiences to
practice their jumpshot on. Participants will be given 60 seconds to
score as many baskets as possible, at the end of which, a fortune will be
dispensed in correspondence with their promise and ability as a
basketball star.

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