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Captured Accidents: Valencia Street Live

Installation by Tim Thompson

Thursday, January 1, 1970, 12:00 am

Tim Thompson 1

Tim Thompson 2

This installation makes use of a security camera rigged to a video game controller, software, and a laptop. The camera/game controller (nicknamed “LoopyCam”) captures, loops, and processes digital video images. Pointed outward at Valencia Street, the camera captures, loops, and processes imagery of passersby. Visually engaging patterns, overlays, color shifts, and layers of visual ‘remixes’ are generated by chance by the game controller and software.

About the artist:

Tim Thompson is a software engineer and artist who enjoys the creative process of developing artistic software for visuals and music, often involving unusual controllers. He has been inspired by events such as Woodstockhausen and Burning Man, where his interactive creations include a 12-foot high lyre and an antique radio. He collaborates with local ensembles dud and DOUBLE VISION.

About the Curator:

Liena Vayzman is a photo/video artist and curator of experimental and new media art. She recently co-curated “Chance Operations” and “Night Light: An Evening of Luminous Environments” at the Climate Theater, San Francisco. Vayzman curated the 30-artist exhibition “HOME: The Aesthetics and Politics of Home in Contemporary Art” at Root Division in San Francisco in 2007. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She teaches in the Photography Department at San Jose State University.

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