Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema; OPTRON4: SISPIX2

Saturday, November 30, 2019, 8:30 pm, $8.88

CHURCH OF COLOR AND LIGHT + KRISTIN CATO + ELLIE VANDERLIP + Concluding ATA’s Nov. Performance series, this ALL WOMEN:AUDIO-VISUAL event guarantees a garden of cinematic delights fabulously festooned by more than a dozen in-person artistes! On musical sawCindy Sawprano accompanies Kristin Cato’s violin in the latter’s ongoing Numbers Project, this new live-cine iteration titled L00p8L00p∞. The two women swoop through vocal, musical, biological, and psychological loops mirrored on the big screen by tip-toeing spiders, jumping ropes, planetary orbits, and gypsy curses! Ellie Vanderlip teams up with Karen Trinidad in their multi-projector Scatter, after we enjoy an animation from each. Oakland’s Church of Color and Light presents IRKALLA, invoking the myth of the Queen of Hell through projections, movement, and spoken word. Exploring themes of recovery, and the reclaiming of one’s own narrative are Eva and Phaedra Restad, Kaitlin Duffy, Laura Cohen, Ryan Cicak, Sophie Becker, and Courtney Fellion. Interpolating between the three acts are precious pressed flowers from motion-picture matriarchs Mary Ellen ButeDaphne Oram, Lillian Schwartz, and Vicki Bennett *$8.88

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