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Friday, March 29, 2019, 8:00 pm


digital screening / 66 min

Intertropical vision by Adriana Vila Guevara, 4:40 / colour, sound, 16mm / 2018 / Spain-Venezuela
Contrary to the standardization of a single hegemonic point of view, the “center” in the tropics is not the whole. It is the starting point of a powerful range of visions. This is a trip into the core of its multiple indomitable condition.
Adriana Vila Guevara Venezuelan filmmaker, artist and anthropologist. Her work moves between the realms of documentary creation, ethnographic studies and experimental filmmaking. Focused on the materiality and immateriality of film in diverse forms (as screening, performance, and installation). She has screened her film work at relevant festivals and art centers, in Europe, North America and Latin America. Is co-founder of the independent analog film lab Crater-Lab, were other than developing her creative film work, she teaches and curates experimental film programs and workshops.

I Think You Should Come to America by Kamila Kuc, 20:25 / super8,16mm, found footage / experimental, documentary / 2018 / UK
Using 16mm archival footage, excerpts from my letters from a Native American prisoner, documentation of my own involvement with the Movement for the Supporters of Native American Indian Rights in Poland, the film explores a paradoxical fascination of the Poles behind the Iron Curtain with the ideal of America as a ‘land of freedom.’ I Think You Should Come to America investigates the cultural conditions in which memories are created. While critically evaluating my own enchantment with America, as a teenage girl from Communist Poland, I interrogate various patterns of perception in order to produce a form of reflection that is personal and political. The film uses numerous American educational films to expose the patterns of cultural (mis)representation. Thus the film brings together a network of complex cultural forces that wish to find their expression in the act of historical and personal self-inscription.
Kamila Kuc, Ph.D., MFA, is a filmmaker, writer and curator. Her films have screened in venues and at film festivals nationally and internationally. She is the author of Visions of Avant-Garde Film (Indiana University Press, 2016).

Anche in paradiso non è bello essere soli (Even in paradise it is not good to be alone) by Lorenzo Gattorna / 8:60 / normal8 / experimental documentary / 2017 / USA – Italy
In memory of Nonno Pierino
Lorenzo Gattorna is a filmmaker, instructor and programmer from New York. His films have screened with ARKIPEL, CUFF, FRACTO, Image Forum, LOOP, Microscope Gallery and NYFF. He has programmed screenings for Anthology Film Archives, Antimatter, Maysles Cinema, Sight Unseen, The Nightingale and UnionDocs.

Grabados del Ojo Nocturno by Jean-Jacques Martinod 6:40/ super8, 16mm / experimental, documentary / 2016 / Ecuador, Morocco
A collage of collected imagery turned ritual travelogue: from the Sahara to the oceans of South America, passing through an old ancestors abode. Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker from Guayaquil, Ecuador. His film oscillate between traditions using experiments in celluloid film, analogue tape digital media, and archival footage. He currently resides in Montreal, Canada, where he is a member of both the Centre for Expanded Poetics and the Global Emergent Media Lab.

_galore by Bernd Lützeler, 8:30 / 16mm / experimental, documentary / 2018 / Germany
The streetscapes of contemporary Indian metros are largely dominated by products. The typical local shop can be described as a windowless, rectangular box. Stepping into such a shop can be like entering a new world: Filled with products galore up to the ceiling. The product itself serves as the interior design. Shopping galore. Products galore. Profits galore.
Artist and filmmaker Bernd Lützeler lives and works between Berlin and Mumbai. In his work he explores moving image techniques in relation with their form and perception. He is an active member of the artist-run analogue filmlab LaborBerlin. His films have been shown at prominent locations around the world – such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Berlin International Film Festival or at Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Blending and blinding by Richard Tuohy, Dianne Barrie, 11:00 / 16mm / experimental / Australia / 2018
Screens and partitions; windows and shutters; grids, curves and arches. Three peoples, one country: Malaysia.
Richard Tuohy is one of the most active experimental film artists currently working on celluloid in Australia. He runs Nanolab in Australia – the specialist small gauge film processing laboratory. He actively encourages
other artists to work with cine film through his Artist Film Workshop initiative (see He is also a founding director of the Australian International Experimental Film Festival.
Dianna Barrie is an experimental filmmaker. She found her way into filmmaking as a middle ground between the pursuit of abstract music and philosophy. Together with Richard Tuohy she established Nanolab, which is a hand-processing lab for super-8 black-and-white and colour reversal film. This exploration has spread beyond individual work to the establishment of the Artist Film Workshop.

Nutrition Fugue by Péter Lichter, 04/ 35mm found footage / experimental / documentary / 2018 / Hungary
“Közért” (translation: “for the public”) was a government owned chain of stores in Hungary, during the communist era (1948-1989). The word Közért is still used in the Hungarian language. Our film was made from the 35 mm celluloid raw footage of its advertisement: the film strips were digged in the soil, rotten with food and cut up in pieces.
Péter Lichter is an experimental filmmaker. He publicated two poetry books at the age of 16 and 20. He studied film history and film theory at the ELTE University, Budapest. He writes his PhD-thesis about the relationship of american avante-garde cinema and the science-fiction movies. Pete makes short, found-footage, abstract experimentals and lyrical documentaries since 2002. His films were screened at festivals and venues like: Tribeca Film Festival – New York; Rotterdam IFF; Oberhausen Film Festival; Cinema 16-New York; EXiS – Seoul; VideoEX – Zurich; MisALT – San Francisco; MIA – Los Angeles; Angers Premier Plans; Klex – Kuala Lumpur; Director Lounge – Berlin; Hungarian Film Week, etc. He is also one of the editors of the Prizma film-periodical. Peter frequently collaborates with composer Ádám Márton Horváth.


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