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Stagger Lee

Thursday, February 23, 2017, 8:00 pm, FreeHonoring the

In honor of  Black History Month ATA presents Stagger Lee, a documentary on Black Panther leader Bobby Seale during his incarceration in the San Francisco County Jail.  A remarkable interview, covering topics from cooking to poetry to solitary confinement and much more. A powerful piece for the sheer humanity which Bobby Seale projects. dir: Francisco Newman, Allen Willis, 1970, 16mm, 59 min.

One thought on “Stagger Lee

  1. Alison Newman says:

    Hello my name is Alison Mills Newman. I am the wife of the documentarian Francisco Newman,who produced and directed Staggerlee a conversation with Bobby Seale. I would like to do a remembrance of the great work that Francisco left behind with his cinematographer who he dearly loved Allen Willis. Francisco also produced and directed an award winning independent feature film titled Virgin Again,a modern day version of a loving kind black Jesus. My phone number is 404 484 4458.Please give me a call if there is any possibility of working together.

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