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OUR PUBLIC GOOD (opening reception)

Thursday, January 16, 2014, 6:00 pm, 0

CCSFAn experimental documentary and community news project by filmmaker/writer, Molly Hankwitz.

OUR PUBLIC GOOD, a work-in-progress about CCSF; its students, faculty and staff. As a resident of San Francisco for over twenty years and as an artist engaged with media culture, I have created this work in light of the shocking efforts to privatize CCSF and discredit faculty, staff, and students with threats of closure. I focus on what members of the academic community say about the value the school and on its benefit to students and the city as a progressive, multi-cultural institution. The work functions both as community engagement and counter spin to the negativity of mainstream media towards CCSF since last year. Various short interviews with students at Ocean Campus, faculty members speaking from Mission campus, and short statements from ex-faculty now working in the UC system are presented. There is also an ongoing collection of digital portraits of students, faculty and staff in the CCSF community and an original manifesto and call to action by poet, Walter Alter, commissioned for the piece. Alter attended CCSF in the 1970s.

OUR PUBLIC GOOD started in summer of 2013 with support from the CCSFcommunity, ATA and Found SF. The first phase of the project is featured in the “window” gallery of Artists’ Television Access with audio audible on Valencia Street.

I Ms. Hankwitz thanks the following organizations: ATA, CCSF, Found SF, Voices of Immigrants Demonstrating Achievement, Mindshadow Media, SFSU Design and Industry, and SF History Project, and thanks to: Walter Alter, Katie Burge, Craig Baldwin, Chris Carlsson, LisaRuth Elliot, Li Miao Lovett, Suki O’Kane, Alice E. Rogoff. Special thanks to David Cox and Amber Straus. Participants appearing in the work are deeply appreciated.

Opening Party! Thursday, January 16th, 6 – 8pm,

Music and refreshments. There will be onsite video recording during the opening. Share your story and experience of CCSF and become part of the visual project. Please join us. Bring a friend!

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