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see also: Celluloid Poetry and Sinister Wisdom at Bird & Beckett

Catch a dynamic poetry reading by San Francisco filmmaker Elizabeth Block at Bird and Beckett on Sunday, March 2, 2PM;  Elizabeth will read from her new poetry collection, Celluloid Salutations (Blazevox, 2014). Bird and Beckett is a great bookstore and cultural cornerstone of San Francisco. As they say on their Facebook page, they are a “community gathering… Read more »

see also: Speaking Directly Alley Cat

San Francisco Cinematheque’s new issue of their Cinematograph journal, Speaking Directly: Oral Histories of the Moving Image, is a collection of discussions and interviews with experimental film and video artists, and a treasure to be/hold. Its cover is a grand dot matrix image of someone holding a movie camera – the print dots are raised… Read more »