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Don’t Say Shit (closing reception)


June 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016 I am inspired by the current meme craze, and strive to create my own version of this phenomenon. It’ lowbrow art, within a “high-art” meme. I sometimes use unconventional materials like Perler beads, reminiscent of my early childhood, I still find pleasure and entertainment in its simple attraction…. Read more »

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA2


 ELEKTRO MOSKVA + DAVIS + PAYNE/BALDWIN + Our second Op installment is anchored by the North American premiere of this riveting Russian report on electronic music from the former USSR, directed by Elena Tikhonova and Dominik Spritzendorfer. Opening is John Davis, the pillar of NorCal’s analog synth scene, who sets off his 20-min. Soviet Hiss,… Read more »

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA1


KRAFTWERK: POP ART + YOUNG + BECKER + Opening our semi-annual Optronica suite is) Kraftwerk: Pop Art, the BBC‘s absorbing doc on the godfathers of electronic music. Produced in conjunction with (and including performance clips from) their famous 2013 Tate Modern shows, the 55-min. report, like the band itself, proceeds effortlessly from expert interviews to… Read more »

Right Window Gallery: Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough (opening reception)

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough Never Gonna Let You Go 5-8pm

ATA Window Gallery Opening Reception: Where We Leave Off


ATA Window Gallery presents Where We Leave Off Opening Reception: September 11, 2015, 6:00 PMThe September window installation is a changing set of light/shadow/time/kinetic sculptural systems by Claire Bain. Derived from sensory experiences in natural light and mechanical systems, this work aims to foster connection and enjoyment in the viewer’s brain. Tonight’s event will have refreshments,… Read more »


  poetry reading with Jamie Townsend, Dodie Bellamy, Amy Berkowitz and Aaron Simon.

Closing Reception: Liquid Gold-Black Gold at ATA Window Gallery

Please join us for the closing reception of Kate Hoffman’s Liquid Gold-Black Gold, the Golden Age of Whaling 5 – 7 pm, Friday June 29. This month at the ATA window gallery is a segment from Kate Hoffman’s project “Liquid Gold-Black Gold, the Golden Age of Whaling”. Reflected in the project “Liquid Gold-Black Gold” are… Read more »

Fujiyama in Red: Japanese Tsunami Relief w/ Felt Drawing + Dominique Leone + Great Willow

Presented by Other Cinema

Quiet Lands: ATA Gallery

Please join us for the opening reception of Quiet Lands at ATA gallery (Artists’ Television Access). Quiet Lands is a group photography exhibition that features work by Amanda Boe, Ashley Suzanne Taylor, Chris Koperski, Kurt Manley, Nicholas Albrecht, and Paccarik Orue. Their photographs collectively depict the American landscape through a contemporary vision while exploring themes… Read more »

Pablo Guardiola: Marco Polo | Opening reception

Marco Polo

Opening reception for the artist Monday, September 13th, 7 – 10pm Marco endlessly searches for Polo. Polo will eventually become Marco. This repeats. Marco Polo is the anti-Ulysses; he is not trying to get back home. He is not trying to find a new one. Each city encourages movement. Upon arrival it’s always useful to… Read more »

Wild Women: California is an Island + Denning + Bravos

Presented by Other Cinema





Extreme Animation

Presented by Other Cinema