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ATA Window Gallery Opening: Together Forever

Together Forever is part of an ongoing body of work that explores the way in which media projections of reality increasingly and with greater immediacy distort our perception of experience. Starting with news media, these trickle-down distortions permeate, then supersede, the objective happenstance of occurrence. The design of these new truths is seductive, its arc… Read more »

ATA Window Gallery Opening: Together Forever


Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 11th, 6-9pm Together Forever is part of an ongoing body of work that explores the way in which media projections of reality increasingly and with greater immediacy distort our perception of experience. Starting with news media, these trickle-down distortions permeate, then supersede, the objective happenstance of occurrence. The design of these… Read more »

ATA Window Gallery Opening Reception: Adela Vondruskova

This Week at ATA / April 28 – May 10, 2013

April 28 – May 10, 2013 —– Thursday, May 1, 2014, 8:00 pm, $5 OpenScreening One hour of shorts are accepted monthly on an open revolving basis, anything goes with the screened work, and the refreshments are pretty good too. FREE admission for contributing artists. Not a filmmaker? Come and hang out with us anyway…. Read more »

Special ATA Open Screening VHS night May 1st!

Next Open Screening we will screen short films from the past. We’ve been digging in the ATA VHS archive, and found interesting, hilarious, stunning shorts from the 80’s and 90’s. Come to ATA on 5/1 at 8pm!Short films include the following titles: The Expensive Guy, Plagiarism Festival, Alien, A Family Affair, Our Own Image, Together… Read more »

ATA Window Gallery Opening: Thrombotic Resurrection

The soul is the formation of a clot believed by some to be the divine inside of an immortal intravascular mass vessel. By obstructing the flow of mortality through the human being, some believe it is the actual vehicle by which injury occurs. When a spirit is injured, the body uses platelets to form a… Read more »

Sunday, April 13at 8:00pm: TRANSPARENT THINGS: music/film conversations between Rick Bahto & Paul Clipson

An evening of experimental films, music videos, and works by Rick Bahto and Paul Clipson that feature their collaborations with sound artists and musicians. A conversations between the filmmakers will follow the screening. The program will include: MARIENDBAD (2012) Rick Bahto, 6 minutes, 35mm slides & 2 x 8mm on HD video, music: Marienbad by Julia… Read more »

Wednesday April 9, 8pm : Cream Pie Party Gallery Opening


Small Press Traffic: LISA ROBERTSON & JEFF DERKSEN Sunday, April 27, 2014, 5:00 pm

SPT presents: LISA ROBERTSON & JEFF DERKSEN hosted by former SPT Director Dodie Bellamy

Friday, April 25, 2014, 8:00 pm: SELECTED III: presented by Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) and videoclub


Selected 3 Chosen by the artists shortlisted for The Film London Jarman Award 2012, Selected brings together some of the best emerging film and video artists from the UK in a diverse program of new artists’ moving image. Shortlisted artists for the 2012 Film London Jarman Award – Brad Butler & Karen Mirza; Aura Satz;… Read more »

Sunday, April 20, 2014, 7:30 pm–Landscapes/Durations/Distances: Films of Lois Patiño

Lois Patiño In Person presented by SF Cinematheque in association with the San Francisco International Film Festival Patiño´s work, like Peter Hutton’s might be said to fuse ethnography with philosophical ruminations via the singular aesthetics of cinema…—Tony Pipolo, Artforum On the occasion of premiering his feature work Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) at the… Read more »

Friday, April 18, 2014, 8:00 pm– Sista Sinema: The New Black

Sistah Sinema is proud to screen The New Black by Yoruba Richen and Yvonne Welbon. From The New Black is a documentary that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue in light of the recent gay marriage movement and the fight over civil rights. The film documents… Read more »

Wednesday, April 16, 8PM: Periwinkle Cinema: Bits and Pieces


Join us this April for a program of shorts that will crawl its way in to your brain. Some funny and some cute while others are a little creepy and also cute, from stop motion with meat and paper to the queering of multiple horror genres. Dream sequences and nightmares come to life for just… Read more »

Friday, April 11, 2014, 8:00 pm, Konrad Steiner & Leslie Scalapino’s “way”


Text and Voice: Leslie Scalapino Image and Montage: Konrad Steiner Konrad Steiner in person Leslie Scalapino was an Oakland-based poet and experimental prose writer, often associated with the Language poets whose passing left a huge imprint on the international poetry scene. San Francisco filmmaker and curator Konrad Steiner’s feature length film is a visual response to Scalapino’s reading of her epic… Read more »

Foodies you must try this art pizza tonight 992 Valencia

7:30 PM popup

Travel-Food-Writing-Identity Tonight at ATA


Come by ATA tonight for a special program featuring Fred Alvarado: Join Fred Alvarado, who chalks with Lebanon, crawls Oakland, gets tattooed at the Vincent Price Museum in LA, makes art with the locals in Gaza, writes poetry that maps it out for us, and makes beautiful videos. Meaning streams through all of his work. It’s hilarious,… Read more »

Now and April 17th, 8pm: ATA Window Gallery presents “Thrombotic Resurrection” by artists Marcelle Marais and Maciej Makalowski.

ATA Window Gallery presents “Thrombotic Resurrection” by artists Marcelle Marais and Maciej Makalowski. Opening: April 17th, 8pm The soul is the formation of a clot believed by some to be the divine inside of an immortal intravascular mass vessel. By obstructing the flow of mortality through the human being, some believe it is the actual… Read more »

Why Fred Alvarado travels for you

4/4/14 ATA 7:30pm

Gaze musings

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.03.26 PM

Gaze is great. Everyone should go to this program. It is satisfying and interesting, well curated and well attended. Best of all, it’s surprising. I see films here that make me excited about contemporary filmmaking, and I think that’s the best thing about this series. Gaze is an antidote to art film fatigue, that dulling… Read more »

Thick Relations

Thick Relations is an interesting film if you are able to shift your mind’s expectation from chopped up, compressed, packaged cinematic time to person time. What I mean is, the pace of this film is that of living. Watching this film,  I felt like I was in a neighborhood, seeing the characters go through life the… Read more »

see also: 16mm films: Figuration at Canyon Cinema

Figurative 16mm films, not to be missed.  Canyon Cinema March 26  

S w e e t J e s u s

Appeared in a Cream Pie

Gaze #7 Thursday, March 27th, 8:00 pm

We’re a generation of thieves, pastiche artists, and Dr Frankensteins, cutting and borrowing from the digital wasteland as well as the stickiest parts of nature. What is conjured in the alchemy of reproduction? And what falls by the wayside? This season’s GAZE is a journey into the aesthetics and pleasures of copying, remapping, and new… Read more »

Little Known, Flying Lower Than a Drone


First Thursday OpenScreenings at ATA are opportunities to see interesting video and film art that’s hitherto been under the radar. See what gets delivered Thursday April 3 at 8PM. only 5 dollars, or free if you show work Submissions: Label all tapes w/ name, contact, title and length. Just bring them, or better yet: Mail… Read more »

Intrepid Travel Documentaries

ATA Friday, April 4, 7:30 PM

you left a hot mess

C R E A M   P I E   P A R T Y

see also: The Big Table Read: Intersection for the Arts Call for Submissions

The 7th Annual Druid Underground Film Festival–March 14, 8pm

Coming up: MATTERS OF WATER: Fluid Dynamics and Aqueous Abstractions Thursday, March 13 8pm

Thursday, March 13, 2014, 8:00 pm, $7 MATTERS OF WATER: Fluid Dynamics and Aqueous Abstractions Curated by Molly Hankwitz Water, water, we need water! This film and video program is inspired by extreme water weather conditions and the avant-garde filmmaker Ralph Steiner’s films (H20, 1929 and Surf and Seaweed, 1929-30) and is a collection of… Read more »

see also: Tonight: RRRIOT GIRLS at Other Cinema: PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER & Voina & Suki

Saturday,  3/8/14 8:30 PM  $6 Other Cinema at ATA 992 Valencia From the Other Cinema Calendar: SAT. 3/8/14 8:30 PM  $6: + VOINA + SUKI + “A watershed report on widening cracks in the Putin regime, Mike Lerner and Maxim Pozdorovkin‘s Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer traces the brave performance-art of those three young women… Read more »

MISSION EYE & EAR #4 music/sound + film/video Friday, March 7– 8PM

remembering our walk_video still

New music/sound + film/video collaborations by: Suki O’Kane + John Davis Jason Hoopes + Azin Seraj Marielle Jakobsons + Kirthi Nath with film scores performed live by: Emily Packard, violin Mia Bella D’Augelli, violin Cory Wright, clarinet Nava Dunkelman, percussion Jeanie-Aprille Tang, electronics Mission Eye & Ear is a live cinema series that brings together… Read more »

Window Opening: Ana Rivero

Cine+Mas SF Latino Film Festival at ATA Wednedsay February 26, 7PM

Lemon Andersen Documentary From the projects to the slammer to … the Tony award…   Trailer

When life gives you lemons, write poetry…2/26/14…7PM

Lemon Andersen poem

Friday February 21, 7pm…Art Opening…ATA Gallery and Right Window

Art opening: wall drawings, window installations, and new wall art. Drop by 7pm-? Free

Tonight! Narcisa Hirsch films at ATA

7:30 PM

see also: Canyon Cinema’s Inaugural Salon featuring Sandra Davis

The inaugural Canyon Cinema Salon happens Monday, February 24th featuring San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker and curator Sandra Davis at New Nothing Cinema (16 Sherman Street, downtown San Francisco). She will present a contrasting duo that demonstrate differing avenues of motivation and inspiration in her practice – IGNORANCE BEFORE MALICE (2006, excerpt), a blistering essay film… Read more »

see also: Celluloid Poetry and Sinister Wisdom at Bird & Beckett

Catch a dynamic poetry reading by San Francisco filmmaker Elizabeth Block at Bird and Beckett on Sunday, March 2, 2PM;  Elizabeth will read from her new poetry collection, Celluloid Salutations (Blazevox, 2014). Bird and Beckett is a great bookstore and cultural cornerstone of San Francisco. As they say on their Facebook page, they are a “community gathering… Read more »

see also: Speaking Directly Alley Cat

San Francisco Cinematheque’s new issue of their Cinematograph journal, Speaking Directly: Oral Histories of the Moving Image, is a collection of discussions and interviews with experimental film and video artists, and a treasure to be/hold. Its cover is a grand dot matrix image of someone holding a movie camera – the print dots are raised… Read more »

Seeds of Gold – Two Bay Area Screenings of New Documentary


Description: The filmmakers of the new documentary, Seeds of Gold, invite you to join them in two pre-release events. Seeds of Gold takes us to the Andes of Colombia to trace a community’s journey to awaken the memory of the seemingly-forgotten ancient Mhuysqa traditions. We follow the voice of the youth as the community works to reclaim damaged… Read more »

Casablanca Mon Amour


Casablanca Mon Amour Shattuck Cinemas (Berkeley) Oct. 26, 2013 5:00 pm John Slattery / Narrative / Morocco, USA / 2012 / 77 mins / French with English subtitles   ‹›  Watch Trailer Description Casablanca Mon Amour is a modern road movie that encapsulates the more complex and fractured nature of living in a world where TV and… Read more »

Interview with “Black Radical Imagination” curators Erin Christovale and Amir George


We asked Erin Christovale and Amir George a few questions about “Black Radical Imagination.” They will be presenting  this futuristic shorts program at ATA on Saturday, August 31st. The screening will include a roundabout dialogue with the audience members to further ponder and process the stories that are being presented. What inspired you to put… Read more »

Meet our Volunteers: Tessa Siddle & Bruce Landick


Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here are the interviews with our volunteers Tessa Siddle and Bruce Landick. TESSA SIDDLE When and why did you start volunteering at ATA? I started volunteering at ATA… Read more »

Interview with EFF Portland Director Hannah Piper Burns


We asked Hannah Piper Burns a few questions about EFF Portland. She will be presenting “Noble Gases: 2013 Director’s Pics” at ATA on Sunday, August 25th. Hannah directs the festival along with Ben Popp, also in the picture. What can you tell us about the Experimental Film scene in Portland? What is the contribution EFF… Read more »

Interview with Claire Bain, creator of “The Nova Avon”

claire bain2

We asked Claire Bain a few questions about her upcoming presentation of The Nova Avon, at ATA on Friday, August 9. What is “The Nova Avon” all about? Can you tell us what inspire you to start this project? “The Nova Avon” is about systems-identity-power: mass media and surveillance systems, sociological systems; identity and persona; interpersonal,… Read more »

Lingering Gaze on the Desert: two films by Hisham Mayet

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 5.03.41 PM

Hisham Mayet visited ATA this week with two impressionistic documentaries from his archive. Both films, Palace of the Winds, and Folk Music From the Sahara: Among the Tuareg of Libya, explore the musical and cultural practices of North African Muslim communities, isolated from the region’s major thoroughfares by vast and windswept deserts, but connected enough to modern… Read more »

Her Tail Was Cut in Two: wide and still with a humming core

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 11.24.44 AM

On Friday, ATA hosted the kind of free-form film and music collaboration that makes a viewer feel like there are small and wonderful programs playing in all the tiny venues across the city; one step through the unmarked door of a dusty storefront sends a wanderer into an uncynical urban bohemia where young artists push… Read more »

Meet Our Volunteers: Eric Stewart & Lizzy Brooks


Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here are the interviews with our volunteers Eric Stewart and Lizzy Brooks. ERIC STEWART How and when did you first become involved with ATA? I started volunteering about… Read more »


Thursday, May 9, 2013  8:00PM FREE and open to the public The New Nothing Cinema 16 Sherman Street San Francisco CA 94103 Near 7th Street and Folsom, between 7th and 6th Streets, Folsom and Harrison. Nearest BART is Civic Center. This film night, curated by media studies scholar Targol Mesbah, is part of the spring 2013 Incite/Insight… Read more »

Meet Our Volunteers: Grace Rosario Perkins and Shae Green


Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here are the interviews with our Gallery Director Grace Rosario Perkins and ATA Board Member Shae Green. GRACE ROSARIO PERKINS Can you tell us about your first volunteering… Read more »

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget: Short works by Jean-Gabriel Périot


Jean-Gabriel Periot played his collage films at ATA last night. Poetic and unnerving, the images rain onto the screen; they layer on top of one another. He has pulled them from the archives, but they look different now, arresting. I stared as Hiroshima evaporated and rebuilt. I watched the faces of the Civil Rights Movement,… Read more »

San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival, April 27-28, 2013,

SFGVFF - flyer - for online posting

  The San Francisco Global Vietnamese Film Festival is a biennial film and video showcase centering Vietnamese filmmakers in Việt Nam and the diaspora—an international vision reflecting a transnational reality. This year’s festival inaugurates, with a party, its 2013 showcase of filmmakers of Vietnamese descent. The Opening Night Gala, held on April 26 at Artists’ Television Access,… Read more »

SF Cinematheque’s 2013 CROSSROADS Festival

CROSSROADS is San Francisco Cinematheque’s annual film festival, a celebration of recent and rediscovered avant-garde film/video work. CROSSROADS 2013, curated by Cinematheque Artistic Director Steve Polta, will take place April 5–7, at the Victoria Theatre (2961 16th Street, SF). This year’s festal will feature a total of 51 films, videos and performance works by 48… Read more »

3rd i Films Call for Submissions

SUBMIT A FILM Calling all Bay Area Filmmakers! 3rd i Films is actively seeking Film Submissions for its annual festival and year-round programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Film Submissions We are looking for innovative films and videos of all lengths and genres from and about South Asia and the Diaspora. We aim to provide a platform… Read more »

The Mission Alliance To Cultivate Home

Gentrification has met its MATCH!     The Mission Alliance To Cultivate Home is forming and we want you. The brutality of SF’s latest wave of gentrification is on the tip of everyone’s tongues and it’s time to speak out, act up, and save our homes and communities!   We are forming a broad coalition of people… Read more »

Cast Shadows Left Me Dreaming In Super 8


The cinema house at ATA nearly burst its well-worn seams on Saturday in honor of the special benefit event, Cast Shadows. Paul Clipson and John Davis projected super-8 film in collaboration with live performances from musical explorers Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Marielle Jakobsons, and Barn Owl. The program opened with a speech and dedication from one of… Read more »

Cate Giordano: Sculpture, Satire, Original Score.


Cate Giordano makes filmmaking look easy. Just pick up a camera and mess around. Her films are so light to watch that you don’t notice their bizarre complexity, until the fake-mustached protagonist transforms himself (herself) into the female lead and climbs out of a cardboard lion. No, I’m serious: this makes perfect sense. What carries… Read more »

Interview with Antero Alli, director of “dreambody/earthbody”

Antero Alli

We asked Antero Alli a few questions about his latest experimental documentary video “dreambody/earthbody,” which premieres in SF at ATA on January 25. Antero will be available for Q&A after the screening. What is ParaTheatrical ReSearch? When did you become interested in paratheatrical processes? The term “paratheatre” was coined in the 1970’s by the late… Read more »

Meet Our Volunteers


Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here is an interview with Dayv Jones who has been a volunteer since the late nineties. DAYV JONES How did you first become involved with ATA? I wish… Read more »

Tender Muscles, Charles Fairbanks at ATA

On Thursday, Charles Fairbanks visited us at ATA with his short film program, Tender Muscles. The movies are honest and inquisitive, lovely and complicated. As the five unfold in succession– The Men, Irma, Pioneers, Wrestling With My Father, and Flexing Muscles— we get privileged insight into the recurring themes and puzzles of Fairbanks’s practice. It… Read more »

Meet our Volunteers

Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here is an interview with Linda Scobie who has been a volunteer since 2007. LINDA SCOBIE What can you tell us about your first volunteering experience/s at ATA?… Read more »

Call for Submissions: SF Cinematheque CROSSROADS Festival 2013

San Francisco Cinematheque seeks submissions of recent films and videos for CROSSROADS 2013, the fourth manifestation of our annual film festival. Occurring the first weekend in April, 2013 at San Francisco’s Victoria Theatre, CROSSROADS 2013 will showcase new film/video works by emerging and established filmmakers, including performance and works of “live cinema.” Cinematheque seeks submissions… Read more »

Struggle at ATA

On Friday, November 2nd, filmmaker, activist, and native Ohioan, Roger Hill, joined us at ATA for a screening of his film, Struggle, an inquiry into voter suppression, manipulation, and fraud at the Ohio polls in 2004. In light of recent efforts to suppress the vote, and with Ohio poised to play a similarly decisive roll… Read more »

SF Film Society FilmHouse Residency

Apply now for a 2013 SF Film Society FilmHouse Residency! Open to both narrative and documentary filmmakers, FilmHouse offers a residency of either 6 or 12 months to filmmakers with projects that, through plot, character, theme or setting explore social issues of our time. You don’t have to be a Bay Area resident to apply!… Read more »

Call for Video Art for Outdoor Projection Series

The Luggage Store Projection Series’ MPU (Mobile Projection Unit) is seeking video works for public projections, offering artists the opportunity to have their work projected in a public context outside the gallery space. The MPU aims to integrate video projections into site specific public spaces – from walls, sides of buildings within the urban landscape… Read more »

Vincent Moon and Lulacruza: Esperando el Tsunami at ATA

    The warm weather is over and thick fog has settled again over San Francisco. It’s from beneath this blanket that I look back on last night’s ATA screening of Vincent Moon and Lulacruza’s collaboration: Espearnado el Tsunami. We began late because everyone is late in warm weather; if you’ve lived in a tropical climate,… Read more »

Pacific Film Archive’s CineFiles Database

CineFiles is an online database of scanned images of reviews, press kits, festival and showcase program notes, newspaper articles, and other documents from the Pacific Film Archive Library’s extensive collection covering world cinema, past and present. Citations are available for all documents, and page images are available for documents with copyright clearance. New titles and… Read more »

Call for Submissions: Experimental Film Fest Portland 2013

Experimental Film Festival Portland is now accepting submissions of experimental films, installations, or performances, 20 min. or less for the 2013 festival. Final Entry Deadline is 15 February 2013. More information:

San Francisco Film Society: Project Development & Fiscal Sponsorship

Apply now for a project development and fiscal sponsorship from the San Francisco Film Society – a program designed to help filmmakers step by step through the process of getting a film funded, made and seen! Deadline is October 29, 2012. More information:

Volunteer Opportunity with The Prelinger Archives!

Prelinger Archives seeks volunteers to assist in an ongoing project to inspect, repair and catalog its home movie and amateur film collection. These 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 films will be prepared for digitization and eventually shared on the Internet Archive. In exchange for their hard work, this program teaches participants archival film handling skills… Read more »

Free Form Film Fest presents, The Invisible Present: video art from Iran

On Friday night, in collaboration with the Free Form Film Festival, ATA hosted The Invisible Present, a showcase of contemporary Iranian video art, coupled with a performance by SF based art-rock band, Cookie Tongue. The work presented was strong and fascinating, but the evening had a decidedly random flavor. Questions about curatorial intent dominated the… Read more »

Meet our Volunteers

Each month, we are featuring interviews with the volunteer staff that make ATA possible, recognizing their work at ATA and their contribution to our vibrant artistic community. Here is the interview with Kelly Pendergrast, who is one of ATA’s programmers. KELLY PENDERGRAST Can you tell us a little about your background prior to volunteering at… Read more »

Breakaway: notes on music video art

The music video is an exceptionally fun form of video art. Collaborating with musicians allows video artists to make work that is at once experimental and accessible, breaking out of the gallery and entering the world of workaday humans in one stop motion leap. The Breakaway showcase of music videos by and and for Bay… Read more »

Interview with SF Latino Film Festival Director Lucho Ramirez

The third night of the SF Latino Film Festival is tomorrow. Come to ATA to see LGBT Latino shorts: Fallen Comrade, Recipe for Love and We’re All Meant To Be Queens /Todas Íbamos a Ser Reinas. You can get your tickets here. Why are you putting on this festival? How is it special for filmmakers? For filmgoers?… Read more »

Under My Nails, Cine+mas

Under My Nails, a Puerto Rican psychological thriller by Kisha Tikina Burgos and Ari Manuel Cruz, and Andrei Nemcik played to a packed house at ATA on Friday night as part of the Cine+mas Latino Film Festival. Under My Nails is gripping. I was on the edge of my seat, and I was sitting on… Read more »

Call for submissions: Images Festival 2013

The Images Festival is now accepting entries for the ON SCREEN section of the 26th edition of the festival which will take place April 11– 20, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Images screens films and videos of any category that have a compelling, inventive, aesthetically unconventional approach in terms of form, content, story and/or structure. Fee… Read more »

Call for submissions: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2013

The International Film Festival Rotterdam aims to offer a quality selection of worldwide independent, innovative and experimental cinema and visual arts. Devoted to offering a platform to and actively supporting independent filmmaking from around the globe, The International Film Festival Rotterdam is the essential hub for discovering film talent and for catching the early buzz… Read more »

Call for submissions: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

The next edition of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will take place from 2 to 7 May 2013. As in previous years, works of all genres and formats may be submitted. International productions must not exceed a length of 35 minutes, German productions may not exceed 45 minutes. Films must have been completed after… Read more »

Call for submissions: Chicago Underground Film Festival 2013

The Chicago Underground Film Festival exists to showcase the defiantly independent filmmaker. CUFF’s mission is to promote films and videos that dissent radically in form, technique, or content from the “indie” mainstream and to present adventurous works that challenge and transcend commercial and audience expectations. Early Deadline: October 1, 2012 | Regular Deadline: November 15,… Read more »

Call for Submissions: Experiments in Cinema

Basement Films annual Experiments in Cinema film festival is now accepting submissions for Experiments in Cinema v8.53! Next year’s festival will occur April 15-22, 2013 in Albuquerque, NM. Postmarked deadline for submissions is December 15, 2012. Fill out the EIC v8.53 online entry form: