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Gaze musings

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Gaze is great. Everyone should go to this program. It is satisfying and interesting, well curated and well attended. Best of all, it’s surprising. I see films here that make me excited about contemporary filmmaking, and I think that’s the best thing about this series. Gaze is an antidote to art film fatigue, that dulling… Read more »

Lingering Gaze on the Desert: two films by Hisham Mayet

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Hisham Mayet visited ATA this week with two impressionistic documentaries from his archive. Both films, Palace of the Winds, and Folk Music From the Sahara: Among the Tuareg of Libya, explore the musical and cultural practices of North African Muslim communities, isolated from the region’s major thoroughfares by vast and windswept deserts, but connected enough to modern… Read more »

Her Tail Was Cut in Two: wide and still with a humming core

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On Friday, ATA hosted the kind of free-form film and music collaboration that makes a viewer feel like there are small and wonderful programs playing in all the tiny venues across the city; one step through the unmarked door of a dusty storefront sends a wanderer into an uncynical urban bohemia where young artists push… Read more »

We Are Winning, Don’t Forget: Short works by Jean-Gabriel Périot


Jean-Gabriel Periot played his collage films at ATA last night. Poetic and unnerving, the images rain onto the screen; they layer on top of one another. He has pulled them from the archives, but they look different now, arresting. I stared as Hiroshima evaporated and rebuilt. I watched the faces of the Civil Rights Movement,… Read more »

Cast Shadows Left Me Dreaming In Super 8


The cinema house at ATA nearly burst its well-worn seams on Saturday in honor of the special benefit event, Cast Shadows. Paul Clipson and John Davis projected super-8 film in collaboration with live performances from musical explorers Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Marielle Jakobsons, and Barn Owl. The program opened with a speech and dedication from one of… Read more »