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Periwinkle Cinema: The Gold Fish Casino

The Gold Fish Casino Film follows the queer journey of a plucky Salmon playing for high stakes in the Water Wars. At The Gold Fish Casino, The Salmon must gamble her eggs for high stakes: enough clean water to get home and spawn. On her journey she encounters a queer menagerie, and transforms from a… Read more »

Other Cinema: 16MM MOTHERSHIP

CANYON CINEMA’S 50th: LOOSE ENDS ZINE RELEASE! Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our beloved Bay Area film co-op, Canyon alums Courtney Fellion and Linda Scobie twirl a whirlygig of illusory narratives and critical thoughts. The luv-fest features rarely seen 16mm prints from the legendary collection, including Diana Krumins’ surrealist assemblage Babobilicons and Mark Lapore’s The Glass… Read more »


ZERO is a visual representation of Coleman Zurkowski’s album of the same name.  The film, as well as the album, is an exploration of the mental and physical effects of binaural/isochronic rhythms gradually slowing into silence.  ZERO features films by various filmmakers including Nick Edelberg, Kostas Chondros, Jodie Mack, Solomon Turner, Anthony Zakharia, Jimmy Schaus, Sofia Canales, Chris… Read more »

Throw Down for Puerto Rico

A benefit for Puerto Rico. Readings by: osiah Luis Aldrete La Suzy A Film by Faith Arazi Music by NO/YA & The Creatrix Door 7pm,

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA1

 MICHAEL GENDREAU + VICKI BENNETT/PLU + The first of Fall’s two Optronica programs mobilizes an international avant garde of media-performance: London-based Vicki(People Like Us) Bennett is here to premiere her single channel special edit Citation City with kindred spirit Michael Gendreau. As synth ensemble audre, Gendreau and Jorge Bachmann joyfully surf the phase-froth from two Invisible Manmovies!! ALSO: Bennett‘s trippy Zoom, Semiconductors‘ 20 Hz, former Frisco duo Matmos, John Warren’s In Colors, a Quintron cameo…and a video memoir to dear friend Owen O’Toole,… Read more »