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Left Eye Cinema: 24 City

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 San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America  Jia Zhangke’s masterpiece 24 City  Trailer: 24 City twists documentary and fiction together through oral histories of three generations of people in Chengdu, China. It traces the history of a state-owned munitions factory under the CCP and its demolition to make way for luxury high-rise apartments. As the area’s history… Read more »

Alex Dabi Zhevi: ’National Theatre’

Opening: Friday 2 November 6 to 9pm It’s a famed Bulgarian colloquialism to remark ‘oh, what a theatre!’ when bearing witness to conflict, the drama of politics or expression of passionate behaviour. ‘National Theatre’ is a result of works made in an extended period of residency in Alex’s mother nation of Bulgaria and expanded upon… Read more »

Duke & Battersby: Shit Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect (Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby in person)

SF Cinematheque presents: Working collaboratively since 1994, Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby create provocatively genuine video works which explore (and evoke) of states of emotional tenderness, empathy and grace. In their complexly confrontational use of such taboo tropes as cuteness, earnest direct address, emotive identification with animals and pop-cultural fixation, Duke & Battersby disarm… Read more »


MICRO-ARCHIVES/ ANOMALIES + JOE DANTE’s MOVIE ORGY With Civil Defense crackers on offer, this Atomic Age retro-romp sets off a feisty trifecta on the high stakes and high art of Motion Picture Archiving, with tonight’s celebration of Collectors and Collectionsoscillating between behind-the-scenes and in-front-of-screens. Our favorite four human-scale “folk archives” share both their anomalous sources and their masterful re-mixes, including several on 16mm! Adam Dziesinski remembers Oddball Films(Stephen Parr RIP) with his 275 Capp… Read more »


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Ditch your Black Friday plans and come hang out at your favorite Artist Television Access, THE BEST DIY/UNDERGROUND THAT MONEY CANT BUY. Yoy– Shoegaze/ grunge lightbeer- fem punk/ grunge Dream Fsh– experimental/ bedroom pop with hip hop influences With live accompanying visuals by Tamara Chu, Video alchemist and friendly neighborhood witch.