Artists' Television Access

ATA Window Gallery presents: Melissa Koziebrocki

January 12, 2018 - February 1, 2018

“The figure-four deadfall is named for the shape of the number it projects. Mount a short, solid post into the ground before fastening a horizontal lever post to it, a few inches above the ground. The inward side of this lever post should be sharp enough to impale your bait. A small wedge, previously carved into the lever at the other end, should allow for slippage of the pointed base of a third post, shorter and unfastened. This one should be placed at an angle to rest steadily in a notch at the top of the vertical post so that it will support the leaning weight of a heavy log or stone. If executed correctly, an unsuspecting animal attracted by bait will activate the lever, and the weight, supported precariously by the unfastened post, will instantly bear down on the prey.”

From How To stay Alive in the Woods by Bradford Angier, 1956.

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