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Counterflicks: Analog show (Buchanan+O’Conner) 

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 8:00 pm, $7-$10


Long Live Analog!! In response to SFMOMA’s recent cancellation of its legendary film screening program, and in protest of the tech invasion and Silicon Valley’s ever-looming shadow over our beloved San Francisco, we present a night of ALL ANALOG (No Digital!!) FILM and VINYL DJ IMPROVISATION!! San Francisco film collector ANTHONY BUCHANAN digs deep into SF’s film archives for a night of EXPANDED CINEMA DJ-ing, while local DJ and musician CHAD O’CONNOR (of “SLICK fame) spins vinyl in analog improvisation. Tonight’s expanded cinema performance includes COMPILATION REELS cobbled together from INDUSTRIAL FILMS, EDUCATIONALS, SCHLOCK HORROR, NEWSREELS, FEATURES, and DADA films. Come out for a night of analog fun!!

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