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Counterflicks: Fear Frequencies

Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Culture Jams! + Baldwin + Ducote+ Buchanan

Tonight we join culture-jamming forces with THE most legendary COLLAGE FILM-troublemaker alive, CRAIG BALDWIN, accompanied by two new jam premieres!! Groundbreaking filmmaker, curator, and San Francisco superstar, Maestro BALDWIN treats us to his “11th Dimension,” a new piece performed live by the found footage legend himself. CHARLESTON DUCOTE’s “FOR LUCILLE” is a dizzying video collage mashing hockey injury clips with frenzieds TV commercials to expose American media’s obsession with the spectacle of atrocity, while ANTHONY BUCHANAN’S “I, CHRIS,” a manipulated yoga video accompanied by a disturbing found self-hypnosis tape, evokes the crushing existential crisis it so desperately intends to repress.

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