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COUNTERFLICKS: Mindy Bagdon Memorial/punk film show+V. Vale In Person!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 8:00 pm, block-editor, $7-10

In the wake of the passing of our dear friend and SF punk-film legend MINDAUGIS BAGDON, and in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the explosion of the San Francisco punk scene in 1977, we celebrate with another night of PUNK FILMS! In the late 1970s, while punk bands and artists were saying “Fuck you!” to to prevailing aesthetics, many filmmakers rose to the occasion to document the scene. Among the most prominent was Mindaugis (Mindy) Bagdon. As a long-time San Franciscan, Mindy served his city as a filmmaker, carpenter, bookseller, And lover of film history. But he was also an adamant participant in the HIPPIE, BEAT, and punk scenes. As punk rock began to rocket itself to the forefront of San Francisco’s underground culture, Mindy worked with RE/SEARCH’s V. VALE to film it, and the resulting “LOUDER FASTER SHORTER,” (featuring THE AVENGERS, THE MUTANTS, UXA and others) remains a lasting snapshot. Come celebrate our city’s history—and our departed friend— with a special screening of LOUDER FASTER SHORTER, accompanied by other San Francisco punk films by LIZ KEIM, RICHARD GAIKOWSKI, and more! SEARCH AND DESTROY, RE/SEARCH, and other punk books for sale by the legend of punk publishing himself, Mr. V. VALE!

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