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Other Cinema: OPTRONICA3

Saturday, December 11, 2021, 8:00 pm


Final Optrnica(#3) for this Fall boasts FOUR Live A/V acts!! Local light Tommy Becker makes his Autumn calendar debut with his long-awaited Mirror Neuron, celebrating human neurology through musically driven collage visuals. David Cox John Smalley, and Ania Samborska up the ante with their radiant re-consideration of Bauhaus meister Moholy-Nagy‘s Light-Space Modulator Art-world coup, practically initiating the category of “Kinetic Sculpture”…and Cox‘ exquisite mini-operetta manages to re-activating those oh-so-Modernist moves! With vivid history bursting out of every frame—and in conjunction with SF’s Western Neighborhoods group—Ben Wood brings his projection-art chronology of the now-in-limbo Cliff House! AND Jake Scott conjures up a playful hybrid of gamelanMoog, and 16mm film in his multi-media assemblage How to Build a Boat.PLUS ex-Haight/now-Montreal Francois Miron‘s re-mastered Evil Surprise—an optically-printed party for the retina, Critter‘s KA loop-installation, and Gilbert (Shapeshifters) Guerrero‘s Barbary Fig beer, specially crafted-brewed!..and oh yes, come early for David Cox‘ Drone Alone aerial stunt! $9.99

Proof of vaccinations and masks are required

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