Artists' Television Access

March Virtual Open Screening

Thursday, March 4, 2021, 7:00 pm

ATA’s virtual Open Screening is beaming from our computers to yours this Thursday March 4th at 7pm PST with fourteen fresh films! Open Screening is the only open submissions screening in the Bay Area that showcases a diverse pool of up and coming, as well as established filmmakers. So sit back, relax, tune in, drop out, and pop in for some locally made art and entertainment.

View from here:

Works appearing this month:

“Incipit Tragoedia” – Kaya Turan
“Time” – Ryan Baker @rybakesisaging
“Should Be Said” – Robert Geshlider @rgesh
” ‘2:22’ by Eerie Jane ” – Jade Mar @jademarnpc
“ALBEDO” – Valantyn Koziak @valantynland
“Earth Sisters” – Hannah Oliver & Teresa @hannahphotofhaye@padre.teresa
“Ka-BLAM” – Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo and Noah Gavrich @tall.spy@nogsgrog
“Puddles” – Chaia S @rage.queen94_wisdom.code
“Man on Fire” – Michael LaRocco
“Methamorphosis” – Annalise Velazquez @chuli1312
“The Magic Hour” – Loretta Stern @video_confession
“Swell Chronicles: Prologue” – Phil Elleston II @phelleston
“Blood Magic” – Zack Web @zackwebsite
“Happy New Year 2012” – Jäke Little

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