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January OpenScreening

Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 12:52 pm

ATA’s virtual Open Screening is beaming from our computers to yours this Thursday January 7th at 7pm PST! Open Screening is the only open submissions screening in the Bay Area that showcases a diverse pool of up and coming, as well as established filmmakers. So sit back, relax, tune in, drop out, and pop in for some fresh locally made films.

Watch on YouTube here.

Works appearing this month:

“Musings of a Sprinkler” – Wyatt Irmen @goodkidz95
“A Place to Train” – Jessica Gomula-Kruzic
“Doll Parts” – Michael LaRocco
“Zora” – Justin Rhody, David Graves, & Jorge Bachmann @justincliffordrhody
“TOUCH & PASTE” – Louis Durra @luuu_durra , Ruxandra Mitache @ruxandra_mitache , Theresa Slater @slatertimes , and Ioana Musinchevici @musinchevici
“321nedlog” – emory lewman @emluman
“I’ve Never Been Able to Wedge My Smiles And My Panic Attacks” – Sara Bonventura @bonaventurasara
“Oh Father Disappearing!” – Jules Retzlaff
“Otherness In Nature” – Sakara Birdsong
“Oras” – Nathalie Roque @nat.uralistic
“Good Will Hunting (Kind of): First Meeting” – Bret Woodard @brettyw
“don’t disappoint” – Keith DeNatale
“Delirium” – Loretta Stern @video_confession
“A Place That is New” – Ryan Baker & Nathan Blue @mysunisblue & @rybakesisaging

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