Artists' Television Access


Friday, October 4, 2019, 8:00 pm


Japanese filmmaker NAO NAKAZAWA and Bay Area filmmaker JOHN DAVIS invite you to participate in a live cinema event at Artist Television Access (ATA). The filmmakers will be presenting experimental works with live musical performances.

Nao Nakazawa is a filmmaker and musician from Nagano, Japan, whose experimental cinema works often feature live music performances and elements of audience interaction. In 2014, Nao moved back to Nagano after residing in California for 18 years. Nao has been freelancing as a producer and sound recordist for productions filmming in Japan. When not paying the bills, Nao collaborates with other musicians and artists to create experimental live cinema works. Also Nao frequently visits the Bay Area
to share his works and to stay in touch with and be inspired by the local rich and diverse creative communities.
Nao will be premiering his latest work Dark Cinema in which he minupilates the theater’s environment to bring you an unique audio visual experience. His work will be accompanied by improvisational music duo, ALIEN ON VACATION: HJ MOOIJ, bay area muscian, artist, printmaker, sound shaper on bass, synthesizers, and round things, and WHATNAO (violin and voices).

John Davis is a Northern California musician and filmmaker building on the relationship between moving image and sound through live performance and studio-based works. Encouraging sensory response through familiar and unexpected uses of traditional media, John employs chance and
collaborative exchange as regular means for creative expression. Through collaboration and live performance, John alternates as both musician and filmmaker, where Improvisation generally defines partnerships, giving priority to spontaneity over formal rehearsal. John’s recent collaborators have included Lawrence Jordan, Craig Baldwin, Paul Clipson, Kerry Laitala, Mary Helena Clark, Joshua Churchill, Suki O’kane and Chris Duncan among others.

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