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Friday, September 27, 2019, 8:00 pm


Take this to make you throw up your hyperreality. You’ll feel better. Otherwise you’ll catch sickness if you stay out in the media shit storm


Passwords for Previews: MW

1.) Elutriate (2011 – originally shown at ATA)
Rephotographed Cellphone Video, 3:33

Inside the negating conscious[SIC]ness of the human’s spectacular evolution. A circulatory system equally random and determined, dancing in the nothing engagement of its picture day. Re-recorded obsessively & set to a hollow, recycled choir of hip-indie pop frequencies; each manufactured overdub represents each subsequent de-generation of the sign. Encoded on tape and played as an instrument – a mediated marionette starring mediated marionettes.

2.) Dailies from the USA (2018)
16mm transferred digitally. 3:15

This is a document of an afternoon recorded in Skid Row.
[DISCLAIMER: This film is shot with the permission and blessings of the inhabitants of these shelters. It is not possible or safe to record in certain parts of Skid Row, and when shooting film or demonstrating in this area realize that you are entering someone’s home. This film does not show even 1% of the full homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, and this does not come close to representing the worst areas of Skid Row. Please reach out to the Monday Night Mission, Pasadena Church of the Nazarene’s Skid Row chapter headed by Asst. Pastor Gary Carr, and HOPICS – LA’s Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System to see how you can help. There are other organizations that provide tents and warm meals as well. Even buying water at the dollar store and dropping it off, or organizing charitable drop offs with your job are great ways to help out a few people. In LA HOPICS is a service funded by the LA County government that helps the most in need find regular care. They have air-conditioned facilities for those in need of shelter from the heat, so if you see a homeless man or woman who seems in serious need of medical attention, contact the city of LA or HOPICS directly.]

2A.) [SECRET MENU ITEM: INTERLUDE: 16mm In-Camera Edit Cross Dance – (3:33)]

3.) A Day in a Place – (2012 – a scene from the upcoming feature film Exodus: Melencolia)
PREVIEW: 33203793
16mm & Video, 7:40

“The dark silhouette of a figure watches her every move from the foreground of the image, and the torture she is going through seems to be induced by the agony of the unrelenting scrutiny of this person. And then, suddenly, it happens: you can actually see her go somewhere else in side of herself, escape into an alternate inner reality. The mysterious person in the foreground moves into the frame, to strangle and then cannibalize her.”
-David Finklestein “Film Scratches: Escape into Hell – M. Woods’ A Day in a Place”, Film International

4.) Post-Panoptic Gazing
Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, super 8, 35mm, stop motion multi-gauge collage, found footage, mini-dv, 2.5K Video
There is a syrup tasting carnivorous urge to conquer sexual ineptitude in overbearing glances and center the camera in the infinite void of consensual reflections of nothingness. But you will dance unlike you have ever danced before, with threads of everything you know, repackaged in metastatic digital packets of data rapidly going nowhere, blinking quickly into things outside the periphery of consciousness and knowledge, towards digital sickness that thirsts for absolution. Not even the rabid gnashing of your teeth can escape the banal. Better to grin at the costumes floating about and accept the perpetual post-Panoptic suspension.

5.) Fractal Death 7 – but you ain’t sayin nothin parasitic fuck
16mm Digitally manipulated & Found Footage. 3:10

Excessive use of the Internet not involving playing of online games (e.g., excessive use of social media, such as Facebook; viewing pornography online) is not considered analogous to Internet gaming disorder, and future research on other excessive uses of the Internet would need to follow similar guidelines as suggested herein [12].
This decision is inconsistent with existing and emerging scientific evidence, and the conducted review aims at contributing to the ongoing discussion of Internet pornography addiction (IPA) in response to the APA’s request.

6.) Fractal Death 8 – there is a never for you and me
16mm Digitally manipulated & Found Footage, 9:29 (WORLD PREMIERE)

not at any time, or not on any occasion:
I’ve never been to Europe.
He was never seen again.
She never had acting lessons
We’ve never had a chance to sit down and talk.
Hal Willner? Never heard of him.
I never forget a face.


7.) Metastasis
iPhone stills, 4:54

How to have a good time living inside cancerous hypercube. No moving images, just images that appear to be moving. At the cellular level it’s really noisy now. Our resolution is defined by a finite grid. Dissolution of the family structure with a carnival get-down. A pretty lively ditty for a funeral dirge, don’t you think?
Made for 0 with iPhone stills.

8.) An Infinite Loop for Resistance – chopped & screwed
Hand-processed and lab-processed 16mm, Found Footage, super 8, 35mm, stop-motion multi-gauge collage, 11:22

An avant-garde is a front line. This is a work for the regeneration of the avant-garde. This is a media-fashioned attack aimed at the disturbing omnipotence of hyperrealism and fascist banality – best symbolized by Donald Trump’s burning latex effigy. This is a violent collage – shreds of simulacral tumult, a riot in media waste. Meant to be projected anywhere – as a call to arms, a way to incite, an attempt at shaking the normalization of bigotry and authoritarianism. This is a call to #Revolt more than #Resist. This is not for photo ops. Rather than bathe in the aesthetics of nothingness, it is time to wake up and fight the active evil that radiates from the seat of “power” and alters the real through mediated nihilism.

Meant for guerrilla projections on urban landscapes, video loop displays, and theatrical projection.

M. Woods is an American-Latinx media activist working in avant-garde film, video art, photography, collage, sound design, and performance. Woods’ work chronicles the spread of the Numb Spiral, the results of a digital sickness that manifests itself in the codification and symbolic negation of being. His work is a fashioned attack against the institutional structures of white supremacy and the alpha male fantasy. 

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