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Friday, July 19, 2019, 8:00 pm


All films are presented digitally/ 68 min

The Equatorial Calms by Derek Taylor
3′ 37” / 16mm, found footage / experimental / 2018 / USA
Optical ruminations on an unpredictable region of Earth where raging storms and calm waters coexist. Seafarers are not only contained within this indeterminate state, but also within the film frame.

Derek Taylor‘s moving image work focuses on the intersection of documentary and experimental filmmaking, particularly as it relates to history and landscape, with a clear focus on the investigation of both the ephemeral and the permanent in the human experience. His work has been screened at numerous film festivals and screening spaces both nationally and internationally. He currently lives and works in Connecticut (USA).

New Woman   a     by Rita Tse
26′ 16” / 16mm / Experimental / B&W and Color / Canada / 2017
New Woman is a meditative journey that investigates the look of the “New Woman” in Chinese silent screen. Through using archival film footage with intertitles also derived from the Chinese silent films, the film explores patriarchal perspectives in the portrayal of women in Chinese silent cinema, and deconstructs their appearances in order to reveal the impressive talent and outlook of the “New Woman”, which have been largely ignored and forgotten. The film features four thematic sections, Virtue, Modeng Woman, Unbound Feet, and New Woman. The footage of each section has been re-worked differently by using relevant hand processing and manipulation techniques, including toning, reticulation solarization, contact printing, and coffee processing.

Rita Tse, born and raised in Hong Kong, began her career in graphic design. She then earned a BFA in Film with a minor in Art & Culture Studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Her graduation film, EastBound (2004), was selected for a number of film festivals and was given the Norman McLaren Award offered by the National Film Board of Canada. After having worked in different positions for the Hong Kong International Film Festival for a few years, she recently completed her MFA in Film Production at York University in Toronto.

Please step out of the frame by Karissa Hahn
4’10” / super8 / experimental / 2018 / USA
From your desk(top) mistrust the manufactured image distrust the assembled picture give no credence to the massed account discredit the aggregate narrative defame the corporate chronicle denigrate the collective annals doubt the constructed copy- consider the clone. accept the dismantled vision exalt the forged now brain subscribe to the ditto fuel the doodad delusion nourish the gizmo nightmare incite the idiot box prophecy inflame the dingbat phantasm a film burn becoming pixels as band-aid a manufactured reinforcement in the empire of computer and you feeding machine-vision the partition of screen.

 Karissa Hahn is a visual artist based in Los Angeles who works between film and video to accumulate a storm of‘spectra ephemera.’ Hahn has shown around the planet Earth in various cinemas, galleries, and institutions such as the New York Film Festival, Wavelengths, Crossroads, Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the Anthology Film Archives.

China not China by Richard Tuohy, Dianna Barrie
14′ / 16mm / experimental / 2018 / Australia
Hong Kong marked 20 years since its hand over; half way through the planned 40 year ‘one country, two systems’ transition. Taiwan, once imperial China, once Formosa, now ROC on the edge of the PRC. Multiple exposures of street scenes distort space and place creating a fluid sense of impermanence and transition, of two states somewhere between China and not China.

Richard Tuohy is one of the most active experimental film artists currently working on celluloid in Australia. He runs Nanolab in Australia – the specialist small gauge film processing laboratory. He actively encourages other artists to work with cine film through his Artist Film Workshop initiative (see He is also a founding director of the Australian International Experimental Film Festival.

Dianna Barrie is an experimental filmmaker. She found her way into filmmaking as a middle ground between the pursuit of abstract music and philosophy. Together with Richard Tuohy she established Nanolab, which is a hand-processing lab for super-8 black-and-white and colour reversal film. This exploration has spread beyond individual work to the establishment of the Artist Film Workshop.

Arrábida by Tinne Zenner
16′ / 16mm / experimental, documentary, animation / 2017 / Portugal, Denmark
A film centred on the production of landscape and concrete in the Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal. Covering a vast area of coast, caves, mountains and forest, the park is inhabited by a massive concrete factory that branches through the landscape. Documenting the various layers of the sourced material, the factory body and the constructed landscape, the film looks at how time is physically embedded in the matter and how the molecular particles act in a circular reshaping of the whole. The film merges 16mm footage shot in the area of Arrábida with 3D animation of the topographic landscape as an equal analogue layer. Há só uma terra. There is only one earth.

Tinne Zenner (b. 1986, Denmark) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Working with analogue film and 3D– animation, her work explores the physical structures, in which layers of history, politics and collective memory are embedded. Her work has been shown at a number of international film festivals including Ann Arbor Film Festival, Projections — New York Film Festival, CPH:DOX, Image Forum Tokyo, Sheffield Fringe and Courtisane Festival. Zenner is a co– founder and member of Sharna Pax, a
film collective based in London and Copenhagen working between the fields of anthropology, documentary and visual arts.

-+=Oo By Lívia Sá
04′ 33” / 16mm / experimental / 2014 / USA
Minus plus equals the integration of different shapes, which transform themselves while becoming one and many. This is a hand made 16mm dual projection that explores the negative and positive spaces as well as the reuse of residual film material, which eventually turn into underwater particles.

Lívia Sá is a multimedia artist, originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is currently based in Brooklyn and just finished her masters degree in Media Studies at The New School. Lívia’s personal work range from human rights issues to experimental narratives by using both documentary and experimental filmmaking. Often times, her work goes beyond conventional approaches to cinema as she is interested in altering the viewer’s perception while stimulating different senses in her storytelling.

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