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Other Cinema: PSYCHO-GEO4; DIXIE

Saturday, May 18, 2019, 8:30 pm

Two true-traveling troubadours of first-person filmmaking deliver news from the South to their avid fans at OC–lucky for us to serve as a stop in their country-wide campaign! Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffatnot only teach in the esteemed universities of North Carolina, but both have also been witness to the raging controversies and audacious actions around their region’s Confederatestatuary. Tonight’s centerpiece is Sabine ’s eponymous effort, employing antique postcards,35mm single-framing, and color-positive solarization to demonstrate how Southern identity still draws from Civil War/Jim Crow legacies. ALSO premiering: Gruffat’s Framelines, an abstract scratch made by laser-etchingonto wide filmstrips, then photogrammed. PLUS Brown ’s XCTRY (diary of a Midwestroad-trip), and his Life On The Mississippi (his essay on that river that borrows Mark Twain’s famous title). For openers, we’re throwing into the hearty gumbo some archival excerpts, providing more context for a conversation about, well, our historical trauma.*$7.77 

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