Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: SISPIX1; OPTRON2

Saturday, March 23, 2019, 8:30 pm


Our seasonal X~peri~Mental Animationoffering is blessed by the SF debut of a most marvelous shadow-puppet show, Life or Theater?, a Lydia Greer/Caryl Kientzcollaboration that plays out the tragic tales of two Berlin women who changed Art History. Lotte Reiniger fashioned a sublime silhouette-animation style in the ‘30s, whilst CharlotteSalomon opened up a new expressive space between painting and the diary. As to the single-channel work, we’re delighted to share (another BerlinerSylvia Schedelbauer’s multiple award-winning Wishing WellJanie Geiser’s Magnetic SleepKaren Yasinsky’s BoySalise Hughes’ AntarcticaNina Paley’s You Gotta BelieveSuzzie Roche/Lewis Klahr’s Black River FallsKathleen Quillian‘s The Conjurer and the West Coast inaugural of Elise Reynard/Ben Folstein’s Zog: The First Feminist.*$9

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