Artists' Television Access


Saturday, February 23, 2019, 8:30 pm

An opportunity to honor and give a hand to THEE man who’s been the beating heart of the radical prank community in SF for over 4 decades! Mr. Law gets his due recognition in the Fine Art world with a major show planned for Pro Arts Gallery in June. But prep for that expansive exhibition will require a whole lotta money and time, so that John can collect his materials and ready them for the walls and screens–tho of course he’s not able to work his neon-signman jobs for next 4 months. So, come on, we’re calling in all his friends and fans to step up and get his career-retro into forward-gear. John himself opens the party with a visual review of his major activities: Suicide ClubCacophony Society, Burning ManSurvival Research LabsHead TripUrban Exploration, not to mention his neon installations for the Ferry Bldg., Hills Brothers Coffee, and Tribune Tower. After intermission, OC itself steps forward with the best of its rich documentation of local and national culture-jamming and intervention art.*$9-$20

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