Artists' Television Access

The Unnamed Footage Festival Re-calibration Party

Thursday, February 21, 2019, 7:30 pm

The Unnamed Footage Festival emerges from a dormant state to
announce that it will be returning to the Bay Area in 2019 to celebrate the most divisive subgenre of horror offer once more. Alonge with the two day program of the film festival at Balboa Theater, which will include more short films, new features, classics, and under-the-radar gems, the UFF staff did confirm the Calibration Party will take place at the Artists’ Television Access (ATA) in the Mission District. The party will kick off with a screening and an intimate conversation with a filmmaker, followed by a reception with complimentary wine & beer.

UFF programmers continue their search for new, old, and lost films that fall under the category of Found Footage Horror, Faux Documentary, or first person Point of View (POV) Cinema, even expanding the range to include Social Media Found Footage. “The stigma surrounding this subgenre is thicker than ever,” said the familiar UFF spokesperson. “With our second year, we aim to prove that there is a well of fascinating found footage horror films to be discovered. Fans and new converts will be very excited to see what we’ve dug up, and how it showcases the merit and creativity of this filmmaking style.”

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