Artists' Television Access


Saturday, February 16, 2019, 8:30 pm

After-glowing from Valentine’s, this orgy of audiovisual pleasure is anchored by Lori Varga’s multile-projection of a pair of sex-positive pieces–Don’t Stop Doing It and Your Flesh Is My Flesh, the latter premiere accompanied by Colleen Kelly on looped celloLori’s multiple screens leads us to the polymorphous Narcissister, the acrobatic chameleon who masks her face and bares her breasts in an ever-transforming body-art burlesque (seen in a 10-min clip from the Dirty Looks Roadshow). ALSO a rare look at Barbara Hammer’s SFSU-period Dyketactics, and the debuts of Natalie Tsui’s Images of RaptureLana Caplan’s Mating Calland Josh Harper’s Fertility. PLUS Mark Street’s Blue MovieJulia Ostertag’s SexJunkie, and a clip of John Holmes in the ultra-cult Aphrodisiac–one of 4 Sex-Ed cine-tracts that we’re drawing from tonight! Come early for lab out-takes from Broughton’s The Bed (and Jack Smith in bed with Gerard Malanga)…and of course–beefcakes, cheesecakes, and free condoms, and champagne galore! $7

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