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Another Hole in the Head Presents: “ARTIFACTS”

Friday, February 8, 2019, 7:30 pm, $7 online, $8-$10 at door

Please join us for an encore screening of “ARTIFACTS” – a curated collection of Art and Experimental films which screened at our 2018 festival. This will be the first show at ATA, and we hope to present other films from our archives in the months ahead.


About Another Hole in the Head:
This festival (unofficially and affectionately known as “HoleHead”), has been presenting films under the auspices of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival for over 15 years. While we are primarily a Genre festival, we choose to include a broader spectrum of film than that designation generally allows. Therefore, all styles of independent film are welcome to compete. Whether it’s a major production from a professional company, a student film, or a micro-budget labor of love, we are committed to giving each film due consideration.

Do you have a film you’d like to enter? We’re currently accepting submissions for our 16th Annual Festival (December 2019) through FilmFreeway:


140 Characters
Directed by Dean Winkler
(2017, 6 min, USA)
“What happened to the future we were promised? Why did we get Twitter instead of intelligent media that enhances society? Why are we developing silly apps instead of hardware? All enabled by our so-called “smart phones” which trap us like the prisoners in Plato’s cave – detached from reality and unaware.” – Director’s Statement

Dance To The Music In Your Heart
Directed by Qiying Lin
(2017, 8 min, USA)
Experimental portrait of Bay Area native Antoine Hunter, director and founder of Bay Area Deaf Dance Festival and the Urban Jazz Dance Company (UJD). Created in 2007, UJD provides professional opportunities for Deaf and other-abled artists.

Delicious Light
Directed by Gaia Marcaccini
(2018, 4 min, USA)
A cataclysmic event is unleashed when a deity unknowingly releases a bad seed into the universe. A sacrifice must be made in order to return light to the world.

Horror Vacui
Directed by Matteo Zamagni
(2018, 4 min, UK)
Horror Vacui is the Latin phrase for the fear of empty space. By apposing computer generated images and real-world footage the video blurs the distinction between reality and a digital recreation of it, questioning the act of perceiving and the biased notion of ‘reality’.

Huerta de San Vicente (The Orchard of St. Vincent)
Directed by Patricia Vonne
(2017, 4 min, USA)
An animated homage to Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet & playwright who, in a career that spanned just 19 years before his untimely death, resurrected and revitalized the most basic strains of Spanish poetry and theatre.

Directed by Ronnie Cramer
(2018, 5 min, USA)
Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, as rendered in nylon-tip pen and animated by award-winning artist Ronnie Cramer.

Directed by Ryan Wicks
(2018, 2 min, USA)
Soaring through nostalgic computer screensavers as an offscreen narrator warns about the dangers of the meat packing industry.

The Knits
Directed by Lisa Birke
(2017, 10 min, Canada)
A sweater, lovingly and arduously knit by a mother, incrementally unravels as her daughter treks her way across Canada by foot. Along the way, the film tugs at the crossed threads of familial ties, art versus craft, gendered materiality, and the relationship we have with mother nature and her great divide.

Lezginka in Paris
Directed by Kirill Fessenko
(2018, 5 min, Canada/France)
A choreographic short film which sets an aggressive traditional dance in the limestone labyrinths of Parisian streets.

Masters of War
Arminio Stephano Rivero
(2017, 6 min, USA)
A faceless politician delivers a speech on the fate of the nation. [The speech featured in this film is derived from a combination of real life speeches given by U.S. Presidents when declaring or threatening war.]

The Meaning of Life…
Directed by Atomic Elroy
(2018, 4 min, USA)
A Dadaist film, dealing with the over saturation of media in our culture and society. “We no longer make culture we make a media dump or junkyard.”

Directed by Patrick Lee
(2017, 4 min, USA)
Mimesis, a Greek word, refers to the representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature. Nothing in the film is digital. All visuals are analog, created using miniatures, home-made machines, smoke and mirrors. Plato and Aristotle saw in mimesis the representation of nature. The director seeks to depict other beings harnessing these forces to create a super nature while no one seems to notice.

Directed by DeWayne Austin
(2017, 12 min, USA)
The magic of man, materials and movement through manipulated time lapse.

Pee Free Pool
Directed by DeWayne Austin
(2018, 1 min, USA)
A mock PSA from the PFP (Pee Free Pool Association of America).

Directed by Melissa Ferrari
(2017, 7 min, USA)
Rooted in nonfiction, this film contemplates synchronicity and the role of belief systems in perception; the tendency to assign supernatural meaning to tragedy and the unknowable; anonymous and apocryphal oral histories; and the moth to the flame. It draws parallels between Mothman, a prophetic and demonized creature in West Virginia lore, and Narcotics Anonymous, the main treatment program in West Virginia’s addiction epidemic. To visualize these narratives, natural materials and pastel-on-paper palimpsest animation are woven together using a multiplane and analog overhead projection.

Reverie Of The Puppets
Directed by Kathy Rose
(2018, 6 min, USA)
In this video the viewer is taken to a surreal landscape of great beauty; a land of trees that subtly shifts into more hallucinogenic terrain… At the end, the dreamers dream, and the sleepers sleep.

Directed by Ramón Rodríguez
(2017, 5 min, USA)
By using contrasting and deliberate visuals, this film is a reflection of some of the everyday routines of humans in New York City, and some of the perceptions of what supposedly defines us, with the intention of shattering those very same perceptions. Includes music by Giuseppe Verdi, and a recitation of the Ginsberg poem, “The Eye Altering Alters All.”

The Secret Life of Art
Directed by Catherine Mosier-Mills
(2017, 4 min, USA)
What if art came to life at night? Do works of art have personalities? Do they wish to escape their assigned interpretations and roles? How do these works hold up in a modern context? This digitally-animated piece brings to life well-known works by masters such as Michelangelo, Raphael, Degas, and Gauguin, and explores what would happen if they could interact with each other during a chaotic night at the museum.

Directed by Christine Banna
(2017, 3 min, USA)
High resolution images from the Mars rovers were physically printed out, then re-digitized under a microscope. The lens of the microscope makes Mars more tangible by making evident the uneven surface of the paper and juxtaposing it against the uneven surface of the Martian landscape, the ink mimicking the pitting on Mars’ surface.

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