Artists' Television Access


Saturday, December 8, 2018, 8:30 pm, $8

This third instance of the Archive Effectelegantly demonstrates how the terrain of “found footage” has expanded from 16mmcelluloid, to analog and then digital video, to broadcast television, to internet TV, and now to www content-aggregators themselves. Kristin Cato (on violin) and Cindy Sawprano (on musical saw!) prime the party with the world premiere of L00p8L00p8Live Film performance that whirlpools us into the infinite recursions of that wonder-filled number. Vanguard Awardee Penny Lane (NutsPain of Others) transmutes the dross of The Bachelor dating show into the gold of her Normal Appearances, another of Lane’s savvy super-cuts that both appreciate and de-naturalize mass media. Dominic Gagnon, the controversial French-Canadian archeologist of the present, exports the West Coast premiere of Going South, the second in his compass tetralogy that manages to capture the unique ice crystals in the ever-roiling YouTube cloud enveloping our orb, so to artfully organize those first-person confessionals into a new kind of crowd-sourced documentary. A frenzied mosaic that features on an equal footing shopping lists, intimate outpourings and conspiracy theories, vertiginous images of the earth seen from a space station, innocent holiday films, sexual tourism and tropical cataclysms brought by climate change. ALSO: Katherin McInnis too delivers a debut, Eye of the Needle, a marvelous re-visitation of WPA Farm Security photos, scored by Matthew Leonard, and Kembrew McLeod sends in his Mister Rogershomage. PLUS Rachel Evans and Sharon Sandusky‘s spins off Disney‘s Lemmings, pieces by David King (in person), Soda_JerkRachel WoolfBruce Conner (!), Adam Dziesinski‘s I Hate New Technology, and also a sneak peek at Baldwin/Dziesinski’sTime Bomb. Free TV Sheriff DVD’s for the first ten patrons! 

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