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Almost Public/Semi-Exposed 5

November 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018

Almost-Public/Semi-Exposed is the ATA Window Gallery’s annual month of installed performance. Each November we open the space to a wide range of live performers. Past years have included performance art, modern dance, Butoh, art games, endurance pieces, sound art, live painting, ritual practice, projector performance, public intervention, radical burlesque, durational poetry, and more…

Almost Public/Semi-Exposed

November Schedule:
Saturday, November 3 11AM-8PM: “FS17ATA2018”, Claire Bain and Alfred Hernandez
Tuesday, November 6 10AM-5PM: “First Female President”, Margaret McCarthy
Saturday, November 10 12PM-4PM: “In Abject of my Beautiful Hair”, Adea Guldi
Sunday, November 18 3-5PM: “Wire Bath”, Faith Holland
Friday, November 23 1-5PM: “What Remains“, Jen Fedrizzi and Kat Culture
Saturday, November 24 3:30-7:30: Adea Guldi
Tuesday, November 27 7-10PM: “Synthestesia”, Linda Scobie
Thursday, November 29, 5-7PM: “Heavy Times”, Liat Berdugo and Margaret McCarthy

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