Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: LO-FI SCI-FI

Saturday, September 29, 2018, 8:30 pm, $7

Here’s a chance to support a true Friscostalwart, Kal Spelletich, a veritable pillar of our arts community, evicted from his long-running tenure at his Dogpatch studio by the relentless forces of gentrification. A percentage of monies from the door and bar (so drink up!) goes towards Kal’s daunting moving/storage expenses. Screening are a daring duo of his robot docs amongst a life-raft of science-fantasy reels, to kick off a Trash Film thread that runs through this season’s schedule (also on Optron2 and Archive1). Peppering the party is the climax of the classic kaiju Gamera the Invincible, the last scene from Colossus: The Forbin Project, pick hits from Journey to the 7th Planet (double-projected), Earth vs. Flying SaucersThe Great Martian War, and of course Unarius’ lesson on The Extraterrestrials. ALSO Jon Reiss’ Bitter Message (an SRL machine battle) Allison De Fern’s Fembot in RedPeter Lichter’sGeorge’s Poem, and David King’s (in person) Every Red Death. Come early for Russ Forster on the thereminWilhelm Reich’s Cloud-Buster, the anomalous Number Stations, and sci-fi highballs! 

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