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Other Cinema: X-TREME SATIRE

Saturday, September 15, 2018, 8:30 pm

The season opens with a most extraordinary event—rising from the very depths of Hollywood, here’s the in person return to San Francisco of the prodigiously gifted Damon Packard, with his first feature in many years! In fact, his film happens to be ALL about his hometown—it’s a screamingly hilarious send-up of the super-stylized thriller genre that the industry was pumping out in the 80s/90s …and again, this magnum opus stars Damon himself! Truly a masterpiece on the order of Reflections of Evil, this NorCal premiere so clearly demonstrates Damon’s intuitive genius for lighting (much of it shot at night), mis-en-scene, editing, and sound design as to certainly cement his place as thee bête noire borne from the SoCal sleaze. *$9 

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