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It Is What It Is

Sunday, May 27, 2018, 5:00 pm

Made in 2013 It Is What It Is is the story behind the band The Breathing Light. Recorded over various periods in it’s short period of 5 years, it gives viewers insight into the personalities and ideals that make up the band. Race, Rock N’ Roll and Reality make “It Is What It Is” the source for truth and possibility for Black Youth World Wide. The Breathing Light is a Black punk band based out of Chicago and the surrounding area, they have been playing music and touring for ten years. Lead singer, Kyle Ozero, is the founder of Slash ‘Em Up a, zine and Tumble archiving Black punk musicians.

The Multivrs Is Illuminated is a four day art and musical festival in the Bay Area centering the work of Black and Brown creatives in the DIY and Punk subcultures. It’s first iteration, 2017’s The Universe is Lit: A Bay Area Black and Brown Punk Fest was a four day series of events in Oakland and SF featuring a film screening, an art show, three performance artists, 28 bands, 12 DJs, and wares from local makers. Every event free, all ages, accessible and provided free food. In addition to that every performers was compensated. This year the multivrs is illuminated we are embodying the futures that we want to exist in. We feel now more than ever is a time to transcend pain. Get free or die trying(getfreeorlivetrying).  We are descendants and transformers of infinity. Our inheritance is freedom. August 9th – 12th 2018 we will open the portal to the Mii-verse.”

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