Artists' Television Access

Lovataraxx (France) / Plattenbau / E.Hernandez +Oceans of Phantasy (video projections)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 7:00 pm, $7-$10

An evening of Sound and Image with (Show will start on time at 7:30! Doors at 7pm)
Lovataraxx (Grenoble, FR)
LOVATARAXX is a cold wave duo that produces minimal impulsive dance beats softened by hypnotical voices. Their layers of synthesised sound and heavy bass riffs are deeply mingled with the dark pop sounds of the drum boxes.  The music created is somewhere between the 80 ’s synth wave, experimental danceable pop and movie soundtracks.
Plattenbau (Oakland, CA)
Plattenbau combines bleak industrial soundscapes with lush vocal arrangements, cold synthesizers, and the pulse and glamour of Disco. Celestial melodies slither between throbbing percussion and hypnotic rhythms to create a euphoric sense of unease. 
E.Hernandez (San Francisco, CA)
Electronic Music composed by Enrique Hernandez. A melange Of Noise, Techno, Industrial through a Latinx lense. (Frmly Forbidden Colors, La Mano)
DJ Mashi Mashi (San Francisco, CA)
Video Projections by Oceans of Phantasy (Oakland, CA)

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