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Periwinkle Cinema: Queer Ghost Hunters

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

Periwinkle Cinema Presents Queer Ghost Hunters the first season! We brought them back with their whole first season! We get to see if they found the Ghosts they were looking for and find out more about the queer afterlife and those who are trying make contact. Queer Ghost Hunters is an irreverent docu series following the first paranormal investigators to ask, “where are all the gay ghosts?” A lot of entities are answering back, ‘where have you been all my afterlife!’But the lighthearted hunts get serious when this real team discovers hidden stories of what it was like in the past- to be different. The fight for better representation of LGBTQ people spans far and wide: in politics, film, gaming, fashion — the list goes on. And now, a YouTube web series is tackling queer erasure in a space you’ve probably never considered: ghost hunting.“We always assume that ghosts are heterosexual,” Shane McClelland, co-founder of the Stonewall Columbus Queer Ghosthunters, says in the first episode of Queer Ghost Hunting’s second season.

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