Artists' Television Access

ATA @ SFPL (screening at Noe Valley Library)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 6:30 pm

Artists’ Television Access (ATA) teams up with SFPL to mine the treasures in the Library’s 16mm film archive. That’s real film, not video!


Judoka (Josef Reeve, 1965) 18 minutes, B/W
A self-taught athlete moves from Canada to Japan to study with a local judo master and compete in the Tokyo Olympics. A lovely take on the classic fish-out-of-water scenario.
Kudzu (Marjorie Anne Short, 1976) 16 minutes, color
This humorous documentary asks Southerners from all walks of life to weigh in on the region’s ubiquitous vine, on the centennial of its introduction to North America. Nominated for a short-subject Academy AWard in 1977.
Gap-Toothed Women (Les Blank, Maureen Gosling, Chris Simon, and Susan Kell, 1987) 31 minutes, color
A delightful, locally-produced film about what orthodontists call the “diastema”, as told by a diverse group of women whose smiles are so intriguingly bisected. Ultimately a thoughtful consideration of beauty standards and much more.

*Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

Screening at 451 Jersey Street, SF

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