Artists' Television Access

Other Cinema: OPTRONICA2

Saturday, December 2, 2017, 8:30 pm, $8.88

Our second Live A/V romp proffers four polymorphous performances framed by eye-popping stereoscopic illusions. Anne McGuire and Angela Reginato world-debut their new video-song Angela and Annie. Analog synth whiz John Davis marries his musical modulations to the in-camera marvels of 16mm maestro Paul Clipson in the world premiere of their QuadraphonicVoice Stops. And as for rigged-up videosynthesisKit Young teams up with Nathan Hill for the debut of their Dirty Mixing. PLUS: Craig Baldwin rips open a rift in space-time with his Playland-sourced Barrel o’Holes (ChromaDepth glasses provided), after pioneering pieces from Mary Ellen ButeLillian Schwartz, and those late-Soviet Futurists. Free ¼” audiotape!   

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