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Periwinkle Cinema: The Gold Fish Casino

Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 8:00 pm, $7-$10

The Gold Fish Casino Film follows the queer journey of a plucky Salmon playing for high stakes in the Water Wars. At The Gold Fish Casino, The Salmon must gamble her eggs for high stakes: enough clean water to get home and spawn. On her journey she encounters a queer menagerie, and transforms from a sweet naïve fish into a bold powerful force. The Water Nymph, a washed up veteran of the Water Wars with an enigmatic past, charms The Salmon while dealing dirty cards. Onstage, The Army Chorus of Engineers sing cheerful numbers about Manifest Destiny while at the bar the down-trodden River Creatures hatch plans to topple the Water Tycoon. Just as The Salmon’s luck is running dry, a cryptic communiqué from The Water Underground, a renegade gang of
Water Nymphs, is delivered to the water table.
As a mighty storm brews in the distance, the Water Tycoon shuffles in for a cataclysmic show down: Will the Salmon and her fellow creatures rise up, or will it all go down the drain? Rife with double entendre, musical numbers and stunning visuals, The Gold Fish Casino engages the audience with Water politics using archetypal characters, musical numbers and humor.

The Gold Fish Casino has been primarily grassroots funded and is possible thanks to the hard work and generous donations of many.
We depend on our community to spread the word and to help us continue to raise funds for this very serious undertaking. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today. Every drop counts. The Gold Fish Casino film project is fiscally sponsored by Fractured
Atlas Dir. Sarolta Jane Cump 30 minPlus More…

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