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Other Cinema: PSYCHO GEO2

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 8:30 pm, $7

CHIP LORD + ALEX COPPOLA + ED & PAULINE + This second iteration of our Focus-on-Locus is trained on sites outside of SF, starting with two in-person offerings from Chip (Ant FarmLordGreetings from Amarillo ushers us into the colorful life of the Texas Panhandle, while the world premiere of his Dark Seagrams enacts an exacting architectural analysis of the celebrated Seagrams Bldg. in NYC, with music by Leonard Cohen (and free Seagrams toasts!). Christian BrunoNatalija Vekic’s long-awaited Ed & Paulinecasts its gaze onto the first art-cinema in Berkeley, run by Ed Landberg and Pauline Kael!! Kirsten Johnson (Cameraperson) affords As Above, a blimp’s-eye view of KabulDiana Vidrascu’s camera explores Brittany’s dramatic topography, and Pablo Fiasco takes us on a tour of London via its graffiti. ALSO: Ellie Vanderlip delivers her desert diary Ocotillo! and Alex Coppola live-cues world musics to a triptych of silent amateur travelogs from Asia, Africa, and South America in Glimpses of the Global South

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