Artists' Television Access


Saturday, August 26, 2017, 2:00 pm, Free

Outdoor screening at BAMPFA: 21 Center Street, Berkeley

Sponsored by Berkeley Councilmember Kriss Worthington, Councilmember Kate Harrison, 3rd i South Asian Film, and Artist Television Access (ATA) San Francisco.

The Hate Man, Street Philosopher (by local filmmaker Ivan Jaigirdar) is a quirky, entertaining and moving portrait of a Berkeley street philosopher called the “Hate Man”. This short documentary, explores Hate Man’s enigmatic life, including why, thirty years ago, he chose to quit, his job as a successful New York Times journalist, drop out of mainstream society and live in the streets. Challenging conventional notions of success, conformity, progress and morality, “Hate” lucidly discusses and defends his own “downward mobility” and personal theories of human communication. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging negativity and critiques the positivist bias of American mass culture. Incorporating scenes of Hate’s acerbic, playful and witty heckling, the film investigates and addresses the religious, cultural and ideological paradoxes of a world where the Preachers of “love” damn us to hell, and the self-named “Hate Man” and his followers teach caring and an acceptance of diversity.

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