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Saturday, August 26, 2017, 7:00 pm, $9

Pease join us  for 2 hours of weird and experimental short films! The selection ranges from abstract genre pieces to video art from filmmakers both local and around the globe. Along with the showcase, we’ll have live art from illustrator Simon Lutrin and a raffle!

About the artists:
“Daydream” (2016, dir. Alex King)
TRT: 00:03:36:00
Alex King is a Bay Area filmmaker, screenwriter and editor heavily interested in surrealism, narrative and experimental film influenced by the French New Wave, German  Expressionism, and the Paris Surrealist movement of the 1920s.  He is a graduate of the film program at San Francisco State University.
“Voicemail” (2017, dir. Polaris Castillo)
TRT: 00:03:07:00
“Earth Girl” (2017, dir. Polaris Castillo)
TRT: 00:07:21:00
All of our hearts carry a powerful wish that rules our lives. This wish will never be fulfilled. May we die trying to reach a lofty star and create a wonderful world along the way.
“Beacon” (2016, dir. Trevor Tillman)
TRT: 00:12:13:00
Trevor Tillman was drawn to cinema ever since the world of film production was blown open for him at the tender age of 6 years old when the Jurassic Park Exhibit came to Seattle Science Center. Relocating to San Francisco in 2007 to study film directing at the Academy of Art University, Trevor has gone on to produce and co-write a feature film, and direct an array of shorts. He currently shoots and edits content for a local media company.
“Please Let Me Go” (2015, dir. Toby Nies)
TRT: 00:02:50:00
Toby Nies has been a professional amateur filmmaker for several decades now. On the prodding of some family members he enrolled in the CCSF Film Production program, where he  learned a lot and which he enjoyed thoroughly. Now he’s saving up to buy his own damn camera.
“The Kaleidoscope” (2015, dir. Tim Gallaher)
TRT: 00:14:55:00
Tim Gallaher is a San Francisco-based multi-media artist. Working in music, film and storytelling, he sometimes combines them, generating unique performances in which he accompanies his musical films and their recorded soundtracks with live narration and/or singing.  Spoken word and absurd puppetry have often rounded out the shows in the past as well.  He has performed his one-man multi-media show, Tim’s Magic Lantern Show, throughout the SF Bay Area and parts of Canada, and his songs can be heard in such independent feature films as The Low Life, Tromeo and Juliet and April is My Religion.  His song “Slip” is featured on the sound art compilation CD released in the spring of 2004, Project>Soundwave, and he has been a featured artist is Project>Soundwave 1 and 2 series live performance in San Francisco (2004 & 2006). In 2011, his short, “WHITELICK” screened at various underground and experimental festivals throughout the USA, including the MIX 24 NYC Queer Experimental Film Festival, the Oakland Underground Film Festival, the ATA Experimental Film Festival and the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival.  Having completed his most recent short  film, “The Kaleidoscope”, in the spring of 2017, Tim is currently working on a stop-motion animated short film.
“los Muertos” (2014, dir. DeWayne Austin)
TRT: 00:05:45:00
Geriatric San Francisco filmmaker.  Distorting reality since the 8mm days.  Has accumulated a few  awards for his odd gems .
“Food” (2017, dir. Kaure Kabue)
TRT: 00:02:39:00
Kagure Kabue hails from Kenya – a country known more for it’s runners than for its filmmakers. Inspired to become a filmmaker, she decided to apply to film school in California so that she may develop her own artistic voice in the medium. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University, where she was nominated for the Humanitas award in screenwriting, and went on to make a number of short independent films. As a recently graduated artist, she took on a day job working in video for Ed-tech, wrote her first feature screenplay a year after graduation and workshopped it at the Screenwriting Program at Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. Kagure currently resides in San Francisco where she collaborates as a producer with local filmmakers and visits Kenya often to teach and hold workshops
“Oceana” (2015, dir. Nathan Cobb Spandorf)
TRT: 00:03:51:00
Nathan Spandorf was born in Berkeley California and grew up in Oakland. He comes from a family of both technically minded and artistically minded people. His mom is a painter and his dad is a technician so he grew up with an interesting mix of hobbies. He loved to build things when he was young, which ended up being the foundation for his love of 3D modeling.
Nathan attended the Rochester Institute of Technology for a year then transferred to Ex’pression College in Emeryville. While attending Ex’pression, Nathan dreamed of working for Pixar animation studios.  Nathan received his bachelor’s of Applied Science from Ex’pression and spent the next year doing freelance 3D modeling and animation projects.  During this time he collaborated with local musician The Trip to create his short experimental film, Oceanna. 
Nathan currently works for Steel Wool Studios as a 3D modeler. 
“Out of Body” paintings by Simon Lutrin
Simon Lutrin is a local Bay Area artist and animator. He has worked in comics, film, and advertising but lately his focus has turned to painting. In this series he explores his subconscious with a free association street art style of painting entitled “Out of Body”
Dark Witch Light Witch” (2016, dir. Jessie Cagliero)

TRT 00:01:34:00
Born and raised in California, Jessie is a production designer and photographer living in Oakland. Her love of production design began at San Francisco State University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in cinema production. She finds inspiration in expressionism, which drives her passion for translating character identities through setting and props to create a new world.


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